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A political sphere in retreat? Unlikely… May 6, 2021

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The Phoenix has a piece that notes a curious aspect of the Eoghan Murphy resignation story – this being the references to attacks on the former Minister for Housing. Various interviews have sought to hang his departure on that hook, and yet he himself has – as the Phoenix notes – has said that has “nothing to do with why I am leaving. Certainly his tenure in office didn’t exactly reflect a reduction in the concerns of the public over housing, and many would consider that that was in political terms the very definition of failure.

In a sense this feels like a search for an answer to his exit when it is probably best to take him at his word and add in a dollop of ambition and perhaps the reality that after that stint in housing and its hugely negative impact on Fine Gael’s fortunes subsequently he saw the writing on the wall and realised that a front line position in politics was unlikely to be offered in the near to medium term.

On the broader question, there’s no question that the advent of twitter and other social media has brought an… immediacy to political jibes and attacks that wasn’t there before – but then again, so did email. This site has long noted the tendency for politicians to be far too engaged and enthusiastic about social media, to their detriment. In truth prying away mobiles and other devices from the energetic fingers of quite some numbers of politicians would very likely assist their careers no end. It certainly couldn’t hurt. But the flip side of this is the necessity for politicians to accept that certain actions will bring criticism and on particularly emotive issues this will see worse than criticism. Indeed given the sheer vitriol faced by those politicians who sought to extend rights such as choice over the years the current complaints seem somewhat overstated. And perhaps that’s another case of devices being set aside.


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