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Any other government… May 6, 2021

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Funny to see that the sleaze allegations are beginning to have a political effect on the Tory government in Britain.

The Opinium poll put Labour up four points compared with a week ago, on 37%, while the Tories had fallen two points to 42%. While Labour will be unhappy to be behind, their gains since last week suggest some voters may be turning against Johnson and the Tories before polling day, after a barrage of stories about Conservative sleaze.


Johnson’s approval ratings have fallen back into negative territory (to -6 from +1 a week ago) while Starmer’s have improved from +1 to +8. Some 42% of those surveyed said they viewed Johnson as “corrupt”, up from 37% a week ago, while less than third (30%) regarded him as “clean”. Only 15% of voters viewed Starmer as corrupt and 44% saw him as “clean”.


The dent in the Tories’ and Johnson’s ratings come despite the government receiving the best approval score since last May for its handling of the pandemic. The poll found 45% approve of its performance, against 36% who disapprove.

But be that as it may, given the shambles of this administration the very fact it remains five per cent ahead of the Labour Party is striking. Starmer is no great shakes as a leader – even putting aside the political aspects of this project, but I can’t work out is this a good result for the LP at this point or suggestive of three or so years ahead where it is always lagging behind the Tories.

Meanwhile, there’s the Hartlepool by-election this week with opinion polls suggesting it might be a Tory gain.


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