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Mending… May 8, 2021

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Given I mentioned last weekend a DVD player which is intermittently rumbling, here’s a useful – if brief – overview of certain appliances that can be fixed reasonably easily. A couple of caveats. I’ve replaced a battery in an iPhone G3, and it was okay, not the easiest fix in the world but certainly not impossible. That said one has to be extremely painstaking in the process so patience and practice is essential. Laptops similarly are straighforward but time consuming. It really is a case of doing a couple of run throughs and then at each stage ensuring that you’re sure about what comes next. As to some of the examples here, in some ways it is a case of confidence and being clear about what one is doing. But I’d be leery about messing around with anything to do with electricity supply.


1. EWI - May 8, 2021

The absolutely. most. important. things. when fixing laptops are:

i) earth yourself
ii) very clearly and logically set out the screws on a safe surface which can’t be knocked over

However, I personally wouldn’t open up a hi-fi or similar consumer device. Those electric shock warnings are there for a reason.


alanmyler - May 8, 2021

Ah you might get a bang off the charge stored in a power supply capacitor but generally speaking if you unplug something and leave it a while, like a day or whatever, you can be pretty confident that the charge will have leaked away. It’s not going to kill you anyway, just give you a fright. I’ve had a few electric shocks in my day, the worst being in the physics lab in secondary school off a high voltage transformer. These days I’m sure there’d be a big fuss made of it, parents called in to reassure etc. Back then the teacher gave out to me for being an eejit. Second worst shock was off spark plugs cables in the pissing rain in Enfield when my wife’s car broke down on the way home from Galway. Still alive to tell the tale anyway. Electricity is fine, it’s plumbing that terrifies me.


WorldbyStorm - May 8, 2021


I used to work in a group of companies that sold amongst other things power distribution products as well as consumer units and commercial power units. Many was the tale I heard of unwary people getting shocks. Ironically about twenty years ago I was chasing out a wall at home and hit a wire – while being supervised by an actual electrician who was a friend of mine. Lucky, nothing more than a few sparks and no real shock. But not something I’d recommend.

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