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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements from this week… May 9, 2021

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Perhaps there should be just silence reflecting the departure of a regular fixture on this post… no, no, who are we kidding, as noted by SoS during the week there ‘Plenty of other eejits… The well will never run dry I fear.’

Of course there’s the man himself who in reference to the ‘group’ twitter account… “which he said was operated by a “team of five or six people”. He declined to name these people, saying he did not want to “get them shot.””

Yeah, right.

But as if to prove SoS’s point consider the following from another regular fixture…

he warm and open-hearted message from Queen Elizabeth to all Irish people on the centenary of the establishment of Northern Ireland was a timely antidote to the tribal politics of division and conflict currently being pursued by the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Sinn Féin.

In contrast to the DUP’s doomed campaign to undermine the protocol on trade agreed between the UK government and the European Union, and Sinn Féin’s pursuit of a united Ireland agenda, designed to infuriate unionists of all shades, the queen’s positive message was an encouragement to harmony and co-operation.

And this morning Lucinda Creighton is in fine form offering words of wisdom on centrism and extremism in the SBP:

We know from even a cursory review of global history that political unrest is almost always generated by economic decline. The beneficiaries of the economic carnage of the post-2008 era were extremist right-wing parties such as Greece’s Golden Dawn and Italy‘s Lega Norda, as well as extreme-left wing parties such as Spain’s Podemos and the Five Star Movement in Italy.


Meanwhile, here’s Mark Paul overstating things as usual, and slightly mangling the English language…

One of the more depressing outcomes of the Covid-19 crisis is that it has spurred resurgence in the fear of outsiders. For a nation like Ireland that trades, with real justification, on the openness and hospitality of its people, this may have long-term social and economic implications.

Meanwhile the dreaded ‘us’, companion to the ‘we’, is used here by another person becoming all too familiar to this post…

The staggeringly popular video [Tik Tok] sharing app bombards its users with scattergun content with no thematic consistency. Videos are no longer than one minute each. And their topics vary wildly: teenagers lip syncing to the latest hit, a dog jumping into a swimming pool, someone teaching you how to make garlic bread. This rapid-fire, deranged content keeps us hooked. And is determined to stave off any inkling of boredom by constantly feeding us something new. If it feels slow or repetitive the user logs off, so it’s in TikTok’s best interest to prevent that from happening: to secure the feedback loop, encouraging us to scroll for eternity.

To which one can only say, speak for yourself…

Yeah, there’s plenty of life left in the Stupid Statement post…


1. Fergal - May 9, 2021

Funny thing is most people in Europe would see making abortion illegal… extreme… and a party built on keeping it illegal… extremist, but not Lucinda, of course.
Being pro-choice is not radical, it’s common sense.

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2. EWI - May 9, 2021


EWI - May 9, 2021

We may laugh, but it’s a swansong to the uncrowned king of the SSOTW. Who will emerge from the hack ranks to seize the throne?

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