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Telling it like it is… May 11, 2021

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Interesting take in this Guardian piece on the attitudes amongst unionists in the North.

Denzil McDaniel, 68, a former editor of the Impartial Reporter, a venerable Enniskillen newspaper, sees a faultline within unionism. Business and civic leaders recognise that change is coming, be it a united Ireland or some other constitutional arrangement within the UK. The question is when and how messy. Unionist politicians refuse to see this, said McDaniel. “They’re in denial about the breakup of the UK. Scotland may leave, plus there is a government at Westminster that is a basket case and doesn’t give a stuff about Northern Ireland. Unionists still listen to Boris Johnson and he shafts them every time.”

His point seems plausible – change is coming one way or another – and in a range of potential forms. Yet political unionism appears to simply think this can be ignored. And it’s not just about Northern Ireland, as he notes. There is the issue of Scotland, and indeed the nature of Britain post-Brexit. 

Which raises another point – there’s been a range of calls for caution on the part of nationalism and republicanism with regard to ‘demanding’ too much of unionism. And yet, unionism itself has acted with reckless abandon in relation to Brexit and at all points after. At no point did the major elements in political unionism adopt a cautious approach to matters. This does not mean that others should emulate them, but it does make the appeals for those who are attempting to stabilise and retain as much of the status quo ante as is possible to reify the sentiment in unionism over those attempts seem entirely hollow. The fundamental truth is that unionism’s recklessness has led to a point where salvaging the GFA/BA as it was intended will – unfortunately, cause friction with unionism. I can’t see a way to square that circle – though as also noted before, some mitigation of the protocol if possible would be useful.

At some point Dublin, London, the EU, nationalism, republicanism, progressive unionism and even those who are largely neutral on the issue of partition have to assert the primacy of the Agreement even if that is uncomfortable for the dominant forces in unionism. 


1. CL - May 11, 2021

” The “end zone” for Northern Ireland is approaching in terms of a Border poll and Irish unity, according to political commentator Kevin Meagher.
The 100th anniversary of partition was marked this month, but Mr Meagher says “there’s not going to be many more anniversaries”.
Mr Meagher, who was a special adviser to former Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward, told breakingnews.ie the renewed push for Scottish independence is a sign of what is to come in Ireland.”


2. Bagatelle's Untripped Toast - May 11, 2021

I really don’t like the fact that the decision to trigger a border poll and re-unification process is solely at the discretion of the UK. Most especially not with the sack of vipers that’s the Johnson government.

DUP/UUP are doubling down on Christian fundamentalism and right wing xenophbia. That’s a tranche of GenX/Y/Z Unionists driven into the arms of UI/EU. I do not see how there’s any way to look at that and see a majority for retaining NI in the UK.

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