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National security… May 14, 2021

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Anyone see this, a report in the Irish News about how:

REVEALING sensitive documents connected to the assassination of an INLA chief could damage national security, the High Court has heard.

The widow of Ronnie Bunting is locked in a legal battle over an alleged attempt to prevent Northern Ireland’s attorney general from ordering a new inquest.

But lawyers for the British government have raised concerns over the disclosure of some material in the decision-making process.

A troubling case. Not least:

In 2016 a newspaper reported claims that an undercover RUC unit had been watching the property due to intelligence that Bunting’s life was in danger.

The surveillance operation was allegedly withdrawn for unexplained reasons before the assassination.

Interesting to see this the same week as the Ballymurphy verdict.

I was also struck by this:


 The son of a major in the British Army, Ronnie Bunting was a founding member of the INLA after becoming involved in Irish republicanism during the early seventies.

Major Bunting, as noted by wiki was an interesting figure in his own right. An associate of Paisley:


 (and) a committed Ulster loyalist, who organised armed stewards for counter-demonstrations (against civil rights marches) called by Ian Paisley, most infamously at the Burntollet Bridge incident, when his followers attacked a People’s Democracy civil rights march on 4 January 1969.[2] Despite their political differences, Ronnie remained close with his father.[1]

There’s a very sad photograph of Major Bunting, in Deadly Divisions – the history of the INLA, weeping at the funeral of his son which perhaps points to the complexities of this island and indeed these islands.


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