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Record sales May 16, 2021

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Anyone know of a good history of the charts? I mean in the sense of the mechanisms behind the music charts? The reason I ask this was that I was told recently of someone on a fansite who in the 80s and 90s had worked in record stores in the UK who had stated that the then charts there were rigged to a considerable degree.


1. alanmyler - May 16, 2021

There was a program on BBC4 tv about that a while ago, one of those Friday night music programs. They described how certain known shops were used to compile the weekly sales figures and how record companies would send people covertly into these shops around the country to buy their own records so that the sales would be artificially boosted and lead to higher ranking in the charts. This being back in the day when singles sakes were huge, so it must have been some operation.


WorldbyStorm - May 16, 2021

Cheers for the lead. I’ll go looking those sort of things seem to crop up on YouTube a lot.


alanmyler - May 17, 2021

This might be the program WBS:

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2. sonofstan - May 17, 2021

Good question: it was pretty much ‘common knowledge’ but I can’t at the moment think of a source to back it up.


WorldbyStorm - May 17, 2021

Yeah, it’s file under ‘everyone knows… but… is there any serious research into it’. And that’s fair enough clearly it was played as a system but something a bit more robust would be very useful.


3. sonofstan - May 17, 2021

Someone suggested Chapter 1 of this –
I’ll see if I can access it.

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WorldbyStorm - May 17, 2021

Cool, great starting point.


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