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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements from this week… May 16, 2021

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One correspondent excels himself…

A barrister and Dublin city councillor, he has a political and legal pedigree second to none. One grandfather, also named James, was a Fianna Fáil minister for justice in Eamon de Valera’s first government and later attorney general and Supreme Court judge. His other grandfather Thomas Finlay was an active member of Fine Gael who ended up as chief justice. Both of the candidate’s parents were also Supreme Court judges. Looked at from one perspective, Geoghegan can be portrayed as a representative of privilege and entitlement. The other perspective is that of a bright young man with a lucrative legal career ahead of him who has decided to devote himself to public service. 

Isn’t Newton Emerson confusing opinion polling with referendum polling in the following (and the overall tone of the piece is notable – nationalist thinking is described successively as ‘dishonest’, ‘afflicted’ and suffering from ‘cognitive dissonance’) ?

Perhaps even worse is the 50/50 split in Scotland’s popular vote – to be precise, 48.99 per cent for all nationalist parties on the constituency ballot and 50.12 per cent on the regional ballot.

Whether a Northern Ireland Border poll requires a threshold of more than 50 per cent plus one is an argument Irish nationalism is having with itself, although it is still managing to greatly aggravate itself. There is no significant dispute from unionism that a simple majority must suffice.

However, events in Scotland show that a result as close as 50 per cent plus one does not necessarily meet the test of making a nationalist win likely. It only makes a win possible, or as likely as not. A UK government could require the appearance of higher support before calling a poll, and this could be legally justified.

Apparently there’s never not a good time, in world of social media, the ability to start blogs (or multiple twitter accounts!) and platforms allowing people to say near enough anything they want to say, to start warning darkly about censorship. Finn McRedmond – in a column in the far from cancelled IT – certainly seems to think so, anyhow:

The end of April marked the launch of the Journal of Controversial Ideas. Its founders, a consortium of academics – including the standard-bearer of academic iconoclasm, Peter Singer – claim it is a necessary corrective to a climate where “freedom of thought and discussion” is no longer “a universally-held value”. 

Their diagnosis may well be correct, as the boundaries of what it is acceptable to believe and say appear to narrow daily. 

Meanwhile RTÉ offers this remarkable insight.

A new report by Sport Ireland has shown a rise in the overall levels of physical activity among adults during Covid-19 restrictions.

However, the quarterly report, which was published today, found a decrease in organised sport participation.

During restrictions? Who’d have guessed?


1. An Sionnach Fionn - May 16, 2021

Eoghan Harris’ wife has told the Sindo that she is the hand behind the infamous Dolly White trolling account on Twitter, offering a vociferous defence of her attacks on fellow journalists and others deemed insufficiently aligned to the couple’s reactionary politics.


WorldbyStorm - May 16, 2021

There’s a shamelessness about this that Is breathtaking. Entitlement.

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2. roddy - May 16, 2021

I knew a man who got his wife to say she was driving the car that was caught in a speed trap and she accrued 3 points on her licence.

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3. An Sionnach Fionn - May 16, 2021

A certain well-known Irish Times columnist, author of numerous articles and books extolling the Irishmen who fought for the UK during two world wars, has been found thanking “Eoghan” at the Dolly White Twitter account for supportive tweets way back in 2018. So much for the supposed anonymity of the trolling accounts – apparently a clique of journalists were well aware of what was going on.

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WorldbyStorm - May 16, 2021

Yeah, I think Dolly White was an open secret. Which makes it all the worse that this only came out now.

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