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Left Archive: Forward, Connolly Youth Movement, 1980 May 17, 2021

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Many thanks to Alan Kinsella of Irish Election Literature for sharing this document with the ILA.

This eight page document was issued in 1980 by the Connolly Youth Movement – and has the subheading ‘Magazine of the CYM (Incorporating Young Worker in Nth. Ireland).

There is a wide range of materials in the document including articles on Ireland, Israel and the United States, reports on the meeting between the National Executive Committees of the CYM and the British Young Communist League and on the Annual CYM Easter March. On the last page there is a poem entitled ‘Letter to a British Soldier on Irish Soil’ by Patrick Galvin.

The editorial warns of the fascist threat – pointing to recent demonstrations in Britain by the National Front. The editorial criticises the ‘ultra-leftist tactics of the Trotskyist Socialist Workers’ Party – bringing in outsiders and seeking confrontation for the sake of it – have played into the hands of British reactionaries’.

And it concludes:

Despite the provocations fo the fascists and the immature adventurism of the ultra-left, the serious British Labour movement is being brought into active opposition to the NF. British communists, in particular, are to the forefront of developing that opposition.

Also of interest is ‘Our Views on Northern Ireland’, a joint communique issued by the Executive Committee of the Young Communist League of Great Britain and the NEC of the Connolly Youth Movement in Dublin in April 1980.

This sees the two groups ‘pledge their commitment to the principles of the eventual unification of the Irish nation’ and criticise direct rule’ and call for an assembly elected by proportional representation.


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