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On message(s) May 18, 2021

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I was very struck by the Tanaiste’s words yesterday that overseas travel ‘was not likely before August’. He is quoted as saying:

The Tánaiste has said that it will be August at the earliest when non-essential overseas travel will resume.

However, he said it was still too early to give further clarity as there are many uncertainties.

And the funny thing is that only a month ago he was saying much the same but in a very slightly different way which might have led people to think somewhat differently about the Summer. 

Tanaiste Leo Varadkar also warned the Irish travel industry that they will lose the bulk of a second summer to the pandemic but he did not rule out people flying off on holidays in the second half of the year.

He said: “I’m somebody who really misses travel and would love to see my sister in London and would love to travel abroad and enjoy warm weather and the Mediterranean again.

“I just honestly think June is too soon. I think we need to get into a position where we have our economy and society largely open here first.

I mean, technically July is in the second half of the year – but he could of course say he never specified which month in the second part of the year. I’ve noticed this before, a tendency for him to offer very positive rhetoric, albeit rather vague rhetoric, and then to roll it back, or perhaps a kinder analysis would be to clarify it, as time progresses. The problem is that this builds up unachievable expectations in people. 

The reality is, and has been, that travel before August/September is simply not going to happen, and even then may be restricted. Why the government feels it impossible to actually come out and say this, or at the least offer a more cautious approach is difficult to determine. Or perhaps it is due to having to hold the line against stuff like this… 


1. sonofstan - May 19, 2021

This seems a little weird, since the EU is on the brink of allowing non-essential travellers from outside the bloc, if vaccinated – which would presumably include the UK. But I read that Varadkar is talking about August before that will be possible? Decoding the Irish govt. from afar these days is like Vatican-ology…


2. Bagatelle's Unladed Treatises - May 19, 2021

Varadkar is very good at that, it’s what’s made his political career.

To be fair, all politicians wish they could be that agile with the language, and the great ones are. But it is merely a tool in service of a goal. Our judgement of the politicians rests in our estimation of the worthiness of his political goals. With Varadkar it’s Harry Enfield jumping up and down screaming “loadsamoney” forever.


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