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New Left Archive Collection: The British Left on Ireland June 7, 2021

Posted by Aonrud ⚘ in Irish Left Online Document Archive.
A photograph of a Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) rally in Trafalgar Square calling for the withdrawal of British troops from Ireland, 5th September, 1971.

We’ve added a new collection on the Irish Left Archive site to bring together the documents from the British Left on Ireland. Over the years the archive has added documents from a wide range of British Left organisations and this collection groups them within broad Left trends: British Labour Party (and related groups), Trotskyist groups, Communist Party of Great Britain (and related groups), other communist organisations, Maoists and Socialist Party of Great Britain.

You can view the collection on the Irish Left Archive website: The British Left on Ireland.


1. banjoagbeanjoe - June 7, 2021

Great idea to pull them together in one collection.


WorldbyStorm - June 7, 2021

All Aonghus’s work!


2. Phil - June 7, 2021


Probably very unfair to the… er… Well, probably unfair to somebody, anyway.


WorldbyStorm - June 7, 2021

Hmmmm… 🙂 You’re not too wrong.


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