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Too kind, far far too kind… June 11, 2021

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This is an entertaining – unintentionally so, one imagines – review of the recent magnum opus by Kevin Myers on his life. A review which manages to tell the reader rather less than one might have hoped to learn about the book, while lauding to the rafters the subject of same. So many tropes appear that it would make a fairly dangerous drinking game – ‘male woke’, ‘Brit-bashing’, ‘Provo fellow travellers’, ‘cancel culture’, complicity of parts of the Irish political and cultural establishment with the squalid IRA campaign’, ‘useful idiots like Ken Loach’, ‘conformist fug of Irish journalism’, and more… It’s great to see an old style civility so much in evidence!

That said, there’s a fascinating contradiction at the heart of it which in a way echoes so much of the rhetoric of others of similar mind.

For decades he, with a few others, had unambiguously opposed the violence of the Provisional IRA. He had pointed to the direct connection between the savagery of the Provos and the “physical force” tradition of earlier Irish republicanism. Although in government north of the border and a growing force in Dublin, Sinn Fein was discomfited by this discussion of its past.

The effort of analysing how and why there was a move from physical force to constitutionalism and how decisive it was – to the extent that Republicanism shares power with Unionism, something that in 1985 would have seemed quite literally incredible – is clearly beyond most of them, let alone a recognition that 2021, whatever its faults, is not 1978. 


1. EWI - June 11, 2021

Kingston is behind this ongoing shitshow:



2. EWI - June 11, 2021

Speaking of, I see that ‘The Critic’:

About The Critic
The Critic is Britain’s monthly magazine for politics, ideas, art, literature and much more.

Edited by Christopher Montgomery, The Critic exists to push back against a self-regarding and dangerous consensus that finds critical voices troubling, triggering, insensitive and disrespectful. The point is not provocation or trolling. The point of honest criticism is to better approach truth, not deny its possibility.

As we explain in our launch editorial, ossified thought and a lack of intellectual rigour are depressing features of all sides of today’s political and cultural debate. Our writers will subscribe to no editorial line nor serve the interests of any party, faction or cause. We ask them to write because we expect them to be honest, and lucidly so. Look to our contributors and fault us if they are not.


Despite the promise, dear reader, it’s Tory reactionary tripe all the way down.


WorldbyStorm - June 11, 2021

I’ve flicked through a few editions in Eason’s and never had the urge to purchase it. It really is reactionary.


deiseach - June 11, 2021

“Contributing Editors: Daniel Johnson, Roger Kimball, Toby Young”

Talk about burying the lede…

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EWI - June 11, 2021

I only know the last (thankfully). Unsurprising to see Kingston in such company.


3. Pangurbán - June 11, 2021

Kevin who??

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