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News right… June 15, 2021

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crocodileshoes in comments noted the arrival of GB NEWS, the new UK right wing television station. Apparently the launch was ropey, very ropey indeed . And the Independent piece linked to has some excellent points – noting that the channel for all its talk of doing down media elites is part and parcel of those elites, that all the other mainstream channels are far from left wing echo chambers (interesting though that this culture war nonsense has been mapped from the US to the UK with a degree of limited success) and finally that even were that the case GB NEWS is simply too small and has too few resources to even begin to ‘reflect unheard Britain’.

And the article notes a deeper point – that it is the very thing it claims to be against, a deeply political outlet:

Andrew Neil – who really should still be on the BBC – criticised the other broadcasters for being “echo chambers”. They’re not, as it happens, but GB News certainly is. “If it matters to you it matters to us,” they say, but it all seemed very trivial, and dishonest with it.

Indeed looking through the list of contributors it struck me that not only is this a right wing crew, but it is one that is so utterly familiar to many of us as swirling around in the UK (and occasionally on Irish) media that the idea there’s novelty here is completely incorrect. And that raises a further thought. My impression was always that SKY was – while having to adhere to broadcasting codes, fairly clearly tilted to the right. And then look at news media such as papers and magazines. The idea that they reflect some sort of leftist wokism is far far from the truth. There’s no national newspaper or newspaper group that can be said to be clearly left wing (in the sense that they haven’t at times supported the ‘centre’) bar if I recall correctly the Mirror. And that hardly is calling for red revolution.

Otherwise the British media is pretty much Tory tilting or outright Tory supporting. This is so clearly the situation that it is hardly even commented on, and yet Andrew Neil and others behind this channel are able with straight faces to argue that somehow the situation is the reverse. But one has to wonder, given that even that isn’t sufficient who exactly do they represent? Who is this unheard Britain? Could it be that – despite this right of centre media environment, most people are nowhere near as exercised by these political and culture wars? That in fact they’re more rather than less tolerant? More on this in the next post.


1. wesferry - June 16, 2021

Despite Andrew Neil’s denials, GB News (not ‘UK News’) clearly aims to amplify in Fox News style the privatisation, deregulation, anti-equality, anti-union, anti-community solidarity agenda of its multimillionaire backers who mostly and voluntarily live outside their ‘Great’ Britain.

We have seen glimpses of street mobs openly menacing ‘woke’ targets from Tory and Labour MPs in the past to BBC Newsnight presenters only this week. Expect more if GB News continues.

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WorldbyStorm - June 16, 2021

Yeah, Neil was quick out of the gate on the mob going after Watt, but given the utter crap one of the GB News people was saying about lockdowns the day of the launch (which I endured forty odd minutes of on Youtube subsequently and then gave up) that rang pretty hollow.

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