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Podcast-The Liberal Party of Ireland June 16, 2021

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National Action -Episode 57 "The Others" The Alan Kinsella Podcast

National Action were a Far Right 'Movement in existence from 1952 to the early 1960's.  They advocated "A National Non-Party Plan for the establishment of an Original Irish System of government based on Christian Social Teaching and on National Unity". They contested the 1954 General Election.
  1. National Action -Episode 57
  2. The Socialist Labour Party -Episode 56
  3. Archive — TV Candidates from Billy Kirwin in 1977 to Tom Gildea in 1997
  4. Independent (Anti-Coalition) Labour candidates in the 1977 General Election
  5. The Cavan Road Action Group


1. WorldbyStorm - June 16, 2021

Really interesting episode and an interesting group too. The cohort who went into the Community Democrats is interesting, but did any go to FG?


irishelectionliterature - June 16, 2021

Not that I know of. The CDI were allied with the European Liberal groups, so in a way it was another attempt by many of the same people to get a Liberal Party going here again.

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WorldbyStorm - June 16, 2021

And then on to PDs or did that kind of end there? It’s fascinating having two parties that occupy some of that terrain (actually some would say the LP was there too) but nothing that is overtly Liberal as such.


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