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Repartition 1972 June 16, 2021

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Interesting report here from the Down Democrat on 1972 plans for a repartition of Ireland.

Prominent historian and academic, Eamonn Phoenix, spoke to the Democrat to explain what would have been the repercussions for South Down if the drastic plan had been implemented.
He put the controversial proposals, that were described as ‘a worst case scenario’, in context by saying they were formulated by civil servants of Prime Minister Edward Heath’s regime after nearly 500 deaths in Northern Ireland by the end of 1972 alone.
They had also been drafted in the wake of Bloody Sunday when 13 civilians had been shot dead in Derry by the Parachute Regiment and parts of Northern Ireland where designated ‘no-go’ areas and effectively outside the jurisdiction of the Heath administration.


DOWNPATRICK would have become an entirely Protestant border town if plans to repartition Ireland had gone ahead in 1972.
And Newcastle, Castlewellan, Dundrum and Kilkeel, with their surrounding hinterlands, would all have been ceded to the Republic.
A large tract of territory stretching from just south of Ballynahinch and looping down to meet the Mournes, would also have been south of the new border.


The historian said the term ‘ethnic cleansing’ had not been invented in 1972, but nonetheless that was what the redrawing of Northern Ireland’s borders would have amounted to.
Government officials at the time, he added, admitted their plans were in contravention of the European Convention on Human Rights and would not be achievable without widespread violence.
Officials also knew, it has emerged, the plan would inevitably lead to the destabilisation of the Republic’s Government, would intensify anti-British sentiment in the South, would not in any case be accepted by paramilitary groupings in the North and would cause widespread resentment among those Catholics and Protestants forced to move from their homes.
The ‘new’ Northern Ireland would have been exclusively Protestant and over 500,000 people would have been forcibly moved from the lands where they had lived for generations.

Here’s an overview on Wiki that outlines some of the repartition plans. Perhaps the current situation, short of unity, persists because rather like Churchill’s quip about democracy being the worst form of government, except for all the others.


1. NFB - June 16, 2021

Hard to imagine such plans ever getting anywhere close to fruition. Reminds of the conscription crisis: the force you’d have to employ to make it happen would make the whole thing self-defeating.

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EWI - June 16, 2021

Every time someone talks about re-partition or Northern becoming a Real Boy and it’s own, independent ‘country’, this is what would happen.


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