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Not limited to the EU June 18, 2021

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Interesting point made here on Common Weal in Scotland about Scottish independence (and many thanks to JH for the link).

2014 has become a narrowly Scottish, narrowly nationalist but also narrowly EU-phile moment under Sturgeon’s watch. Yet in retrospect it was part of a succession of radically democratic, anti-austerity revolts that struck European politics, coinciding with Syriza and Podemos in their pomp, and helping inspire the best of Jeremy Corbyn’s Momentum.

To recover what we’ve lost, we need a positive vision of sovereignty, agency and democracy as an insurrectionary force. That requires a break with the SNP’s intellectually lazy vision of restoring “normality” in the EU.

This is an interesting tension for leftists – that the EU is too little. And yet it is correct. There are aspects of the EU project that the left should, arguably, appropriate, but there are others that it should work around and the idea of parallel structures evolving is potentially very interesting indeed. 


1. Paul Culloty - June 18, 2021

One of the key issues, of course, is that surveying opinion polls spanning across Europe, one of the factors depressing the results for the left is that they rarely cohere in a united front faced with the challenges posed by the right and far-right. The growth of the National Rally in France, for instance, has been fuelled by the disarray in the traditional plurigauche, with neither Mélenchon nor any of his left rivals able to rally the traditional working-class vote in a similar manner to Le Pen, while likewise the Italian left has splintered into a myriad of micro-parties, leaving both Salvini and Meloni to make the popular appeals once the preserve of the Communist Party. As such, the conflict between the various shades of European left has denied it agency to reform the EU, and abdicating grassroots activism over recent decades to the far-right, with Ireland the only current exception.

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