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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements from this week… June 20, 2021

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Behind the Sunday Independent paywall this morning, but the article starts as it means to continue:

Brexit — that’s not a great idea is it? I mean, in fairness, it’s a really bad idea and most of us know it. It’s just one of those funny things about life in general, that we can understand quite easily what’s wrong with other people’s arrangements, it’s our own stuff that we can’t see.

Last week again Leo Varadkar couldn’t help it, he just had to go there, talking about a united Ireland in his lifetime.

And since we are largely incapable of doubting our own instincts in this domain, perhaps the only way to talk ourselves down from this very dangerous place, is to doubt the instincts of the Brits — to count the ways in which this helpless infatuation with a united Ireland, is our Brexit.

Matt Cooper in the SBP in piece knocking NPHET’s advice manages to phrase the following oddly;

Yes, there are many who will still argue that taking economic considerations into account last winter – and allowing pubs serving food and restaurants to open – was a disastrous decision that led to the deadly post-Christmas surge. But that has been used by some to suggest that the government should never deviate from Nphet advice.

Just ‘many’..?

Speaking of Covid, why is it that the Irish Time editorial continues to push the ‘fear’ line, as in the following?

There is a wide variation in the views of different age groups. Those under 35 favour a rapid reopening by a margin of almost two to one. By contrast those over 65 favour a slowdown by a similar margin. Given that almost all the over-65s have had a least one dose of the vaccine by now the poll indicates a level of fear among the older age groups that will take some time to dissipate.

There may well be ‘fear’ but that wasn’t in the questions asked. Isn’t it more likely that it is caution that is the overwhelming emotion driving people’s views? And caution – in the context of a global pandemic – is entirely rational.

Someone agues that:

While Canzuk (UK, New Zealand and Canada trade deals) might not work out as foreseen, has enormous potential to change the UK, and the Australian deal looks like a solid step in that process.

The knock-on effects for Ireland, north and south of the Border, could be profound.

Ireland has its own deep relationship with the Canzuk countries and the Republic is perfectly placed to be their gateway into the EU. People from Northern Ireland will be able to work in Australia, although the British or Irish passport issue may arise. Australians will be able to work in Northern Ireland – unlike their beef, they will not be turned back at Larne. As the UK tries to realign itself in the world, culturally and economically, there will be a bewildering array of opportunities for Ireland. But Irish people may also feel increasingly tempted and torn between European and English-speaking worlds, both of which they are clearly a part.

How will the situation in relation to New Zealand, Canada or Australia be in any way different for ROI and EU citizens before or after deals the UK strikes with those three countries such that they would make them ‘feel increasingly tempted and torn between’ those worlds?

All other contributions gratefully accepted… 


1. EWI - June 20, 2021

Northern Ireland, it needs to be pointed out, was created and sustained as ‘other people’s arrangements’.

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2. sonofstan - June 20, 2021

From the IT yesterday:
MLM is a class traitor!

The embodiment of educated, Dublin 6 middle-class privilege who peddles a persuasive anti-establishment line


Anyone want to start the list of middle-class radicals from history?

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3. WorldbyStorm - June 20, 2021

Today’s SBP from John Walsh:

“If the direction of travel of political sentiment in this country continues on its current path, then it could soon become a criminal offence to publicly support private enterprise.

That may seem a tab hyperbolic, but there is a growing disconnect between the national mood and the harsh realities of funding a functioning democracy.”


oliverbohs - June 20, 2021

“Right now in Ireland it’s the wrong people who have a sense of entitlement”

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sonofstan - June 20, 2021

who’s entitled to a sense of entitlement then?


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