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Loyalty test… June 22, 2021

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Mentioned Susan McKay the other day, and only heard about this the other day, an appearance from her at the NI Affairs Committee at Westminster where the DUP’s Gregory Campbell sought again and again to query, incorrectly, what she was saying, starting with this when she said (as reported in the Belfast Telegraph and Phoenix):

…she was speaking from Derry at the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee on Wednesday.

Himself an MP for East Londonderry, Mr Campbell told Ms McKay she “probably meant to say” she was speaking from Londonderry “but didn’t”. She replied: “I’m quite happy to call it Londonderry Mr Campbell if you’d prefer me to.”

It went on with him suggesting she didn’t live in Northern Ireland. 

Ms. McKay replied: “I never left Northern Ireland – I have lived for long periods in the North – what you have said is not the case.”

The author grew up in the city of Derry and recently penned a new book Northern Protestants on Shifting Ground in which she interviews those from a Protestant background in Northern Ireland.

He continued as noted by the Phoenix:
Undeterred, Campbell ploughed on demanding to know if she had written books about the “utter decimation of the Protestant community from the west bank of the city?”. McKay responded by giving myriad examples of her journalism and books where she focused on how the Protestant community was “decimated by the IRA and other republican forces”.
And on he went – at which point it took the Tory chair to step in and stop this. Difficult not to agree with the following:

Mr Campbell’s retort to the author was later described by South Belfast MP Claire Hanna as a “real-time attempt to ‘Lundify”.

“This is part of the systemic attempt to demonise, intimate and undermine anyone who deviates from narrow lines,” said Ms Hanna.


1. Fergal - June 22, 2021

She was well able for him, wasn’t she?
You want me to call it Londonderry, I can… no come back from Gregors…so, goes at her from another angle… is it okay to be an Apprentice boy of … Derry?!
Lundify or not looks like he wants to tell McKay why kind of books she should write!

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WorldbyStorm - June 22, 2021

She’s a very impressive person.


Bagatelle's Unaspired Testimonies - June 22, 2021

+1 She is. Just got the maulers on her latest but I’m finishing Arkady Martine’s A Memory Called Empire first (which is outstanding!) as it’s due back at the library soon.

This time next year there’ll be an SF FM, Unionism will be collapsing at a surprisingly unexpected rate and the campaign for A Border Poll Now will be in full swing with surprisingly unexpected strong support. Remember how fast events unfolded the summer of ’89? It won’t be as extreme as that but will be used as comparisons in the news papers.

One of the leading indicators is how badly NILT has to tilt it’s composition – 26% APNI support is absolutely risible. The end, when it comes, will be fast and brutal and I fear that in their grief and disbelief the LCC factions will take their weapons to the streets yabba-dabba-do style in an orgy of indiscriminate slaughter.

That’s me colours fair nailed to the mast, wha?


roddy - June 22, 2021

Would’nt be sure of a SF first minister at all.When push comes to shove Unionists will coalesce around those most likely to “stop SF”.Those “most likely” will be the DUP and all they have done will be overlooked to “save Ulster”.

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Jim Monaghan - June 23, 2021

Tend to agree with Roddy. I think, alas, a substantial number of Unionists are incapable of compromise and worse would prefer to be poorer than in a United Ireland.Changes which are underway are still at an early stage

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