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Demanding others support them… June 24, 2021

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I had to smile at the following last week.

Multiple brands have pulled advertising from GB News, the upstart UK news channel promising to take on so-called cancel culture.

Ikea, cider firm Kopparberg and Octopus Energy have withdrawn their adverts on the network following its launch on Sunday.

To which there was this response:

Mr Neil, responding to Ikea, shared a story about the company’s French arm being fined and its CEO handed a two-year suspended sentence after it spied on employees for three years.

Piers Morgan, who has been linked to GB News following his departure from Good Morning Britain, also responded to Ikea and said: “Oh shut up, you pathetic virtue-signalling twerps. I’m now boycotting IKEA.”

Thereby proving that Morgan and Neil have a curious understanding of others freedom to do whatever they like. Indeed isn’t it revealing the implicit demand that others must conform to their viewpoints. How fresh, how unconstrained, how idiotic. Actually it’s an interesting reflection on the perception on the part of those companies as to the cost/benefit equation at work in relation to GB News. It would seem that they regard advertising on that station as injurious to their brands. 

Also had to smile at this:

GB News, positioned as a rival to the news and current affairs offerings of the likes of BBC and Sky, is fronted by veteran broadcaster Andrew Neil.

He said the channel would not be “another echo chamber for the metropolitan mindset that already dominates so much of the media”.

This would of course be the very same Andrew Neil whose wiki bio has this in the first paragraph.

Andrew Ferguson Neil (born 21 May 1949)[2] is a Scottish journalist and broadcaster. He serves as chairman of The Spectator[3] and GB News, which launched on 13 June 2021. Neil was appointed editor of The Sunday Times by Rupert Murdoch in 1983, and held this position until 1994. After this he became a contributor to the Daily Mail. He was formerly chief executive and editor-in-chief of Press Holdings Media Group.[4] In 1988 he became founding chairman of Sky TV, also part of Murdoch’s News Corporation. He worked for the BBC for 25 years until 2020, fronting various programmes, including Sunday Politics and This Week on BBC One and Daily Politics, Politics Live and The Andrew Neil Show on BBC Two. Since July 2008, he has been the chairman of Press Holdings, whose titles include The Spectator, and ITP Media Group.[5]

I may be wrong, but surely that reads as the very personification of the ‘metropolitan mindset’ – and ironically, if one person could be said to ‘dominate so much of the media’ wouldn’t Neil just about fit the bill? 


1. Starkadder - June 24, 2021

I saw ten minutes of GB News (it’s on our Humax account) and got thoroughly bored. In a UK media environment already full of hard-right outlets,it’s the same stuff UK residents are used to hearing.

I think I’ll stick to Euronews and Al Jazeera.

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WorldbyStorm - June 24, 2021

Yeah, it’s no great shakes.


2. An Sionnach Fionn - June 24, 2021

Had a look at some of their early broadcasts. Very YouTubish, and not in a good sense. Poor production values for a station that has been in planning for so long. Obviously designed to be cut up into social media clips.

Noticed that the usual fringe right-wing figures in the UK are flocking to it. Or those who struggle to get onto mainstream UK channels.

Slugger O’Toole editor boasting of an early appearance indicates pretty strongly the type of content they are going to offer and the expected audience.

If YouTube alr-right star Sargon of Akkad doesn’t appear at some stage I’ll be very much surprised!

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WorldbyStorm - June 24, 2021

I was surprised at how poor it was. Oh, almost certainly SoA will rock up some day. Terrible stuff really.

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roddy - June 24, 2021

I often wonder where Slugger O’Toole gets its income from.


Bagatelle's Underlain Tintings - June 25, 2021

Judging by the editorial line it’s some DUP supporter with deep pockets because that C4 investment obviously didn’t pan out long term.


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