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Speaking of vaccines June 24, 2021

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Anyone catch the IT politics podcast this week? Rather a sombre affair as it happened, with a general consensus, including Pat Leahy that not only was the reopening of indoor ‘dining’ in restaurants unlikely to proceed in early July but that NPHET and the government were on the same page about that and the need to hold in the present position regarding restrictions more broadly to give a little more time for vaccination numbers to increase yet further. What was striking though was how they pinned a shift in government thinking on this matter to Monday/Tuesday. But for anyone looking even reasonably cursorily at the spread of Delta one would think that this would have been flagged up much sooner. Again, one has to keep in mind that a delay represents a blow to workers in those areas. But, and this point was made, that the Government’s approach now is one of consolidation and then advance, unlike Christmas. So therefore they are willing to wait some time if waiting is necessary (however they will go to considerable lengths not to retreat from the status quo and introduce further restrictions). In truth they’ve been lucky, and the society has – though cases seem to be static at certain level as do hospitalisations, in so far as matters have proceeded to this point. Long may that continue.

One other point made. Booster shots are expected to be needed as soon as later this year. And that sent me looking at the predictions for how long various vaccines will be effective. This from Forbes this May suggests… between six months and two years. The vagueness is a function of the newness of the vaccines. Simply put there’s not been time to clearly tell. But. Six months gets the population as a whole safely to the end of this year or further. Of course booster shots might be necessary to counter variants, which is a different issue. In any event, as noted yesterday, precautions such as mask-wearing and suchlike, will have to continue for a considerable length of time to come. Or as Bruce Y Lee in Forbes puts it:

So until more is known, take additional precautions while the Covid-19 coronavirus is still actively spreading around you. Don’t rely solely on the vaccine. Continue to wash your hands, disinfect surfaces, and social distance within reason when you can. This isn’t the best time to return to those Twister with strangers games. You don’t want to find out that you’ve lost protection the hard way.


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