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Climate denial… July 21, 2021

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This is disturbing… from the Mirror (thanks to JH for the link) and a report that:

An official website telling jobseekers to say climate change might not exist in order to secure jobs is being “urgently reviewed”.

People looking for work in Cambridge reported being referred to a training website called JASPER – which is provided by outsourcing giant Serco, and carries Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) branding.



The JASPER site, to which jobseekers are referred by lists potential interview questions which applicants should prepare for, including “What do you think about global warming?”

The suggested response is: “There are a number of different sides to global warming, and I have read that some researchers do not think it actually exists.


“Whether it exists or not I think that we all need to be aware of how we affect the environment around us.”

So. What was the response? 

Serco confirmed applicants were referred to the site for “advice and support” by JobCentres. A Serco spokesperson said: “This is content provided by a third party supplier clearly designed to help individuals understand that they can acknowledge different points of view when answering questions. “The choice of climate change as an example subject was clearly not appropriate and the content is being urgently reviewed.”

This is what happens when you subcontract out delivery of state and semi-state services to private business. And one has to wonder if there are examples from this island. Strange days. 


1. Wes Ferry - July 21, 2021

The BBC were also at it earlier this month.

The BBC has removed an educational page laying out the “benefits” of climate change after a furious online reaction.

BBC Bitesize, its website for school children, claimed warmer temperatures “could lead to healthier outdoor lifestyles” and that a benefit of climate change could mean easier access to oil in Alaska and Siberia.

Other apparent benefits highlighted by the BBC included the ability to one day grow more crops in Siberia, new shipping routes created by melting ice, and more tourist destinations.



2. EWI - July 22, 2021

RTÉ has been busy celebrating the current ‘record’ heatwave as well.

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