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Interesting testimony from Cummings, but what difference does it actually make? July 23, 2021

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That has to be the conclusion to what Dominic Cummings has spoken about this week to BBC. Forget or ignore the musings about how he doesn’t know whether Brexit was worth it or not – he most surely still supports it on one level or another. The political meat, such as it was, was concerning the present occupant of Number 10 Downing Street. And the picture painted was no prettier than expected, though given the chance to see Johnson as premier across a year or two now hardly any great surprise to learn of his seeming inconsistencies, incoherencies and outright mendacious streak. For example:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he no longer believed “all this NHS overwhelmed stuff” as he resisted imposing England’s second coronavirus lockdown, leaked messages suggest.

Dominic Cummings shared WhatsApps with the BBC as he alleged that Mr Johnson was reluctant to heighten restrictions because “the people who are dying are essentially all over 80”.

In his first broadcast interview, the former chief adviser to Mr Johnson accused him of putting “his own political interests ahead of people’s lives”.

This is no surprise to anyone paying attention to UK politics during the pandemic – or it shouldn’t be. But because of that one has to wonder does this have an impact?

It’s not that what Cummings says doesn’t have a ring of truth, but he himself is, it would seem, a not entirely reliable interlocutor, at least in the sense of behaving curiously during the pandemic. And the fact that all this comes out having departed Number 10 lends it a certain air. 

That said, perhaps it is the continual drip drip drip that will cause the trouble. Or perhaps the reality is that those who support Johnson, rather like those who supported/support Trump, have all this factored in from the off or find it near enough irrelevant. 

All that said the picture of dysfunction, of bizarre and petty rivalries, the sense that these guys genuinely were second, and third rate – essentially incompetent, and at a time when competency was absolutely necessary to secure the safety of British citizens, is overwhelming. So, perhaps despite himself Cummings has done some service in revealing yet more of that reality. 

Now the question is has anyone been listening?


1. Alibaba - July 23, 2021

There may well be elements of truth in what Cummings says, but people are listening and thinking: hell hath no fury like a special advisor scorned.

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2. Wes Ferry - July 23, 2021

Now the question is has anyone been listening?

People may be listening but does it matter? Like the Trumpers, how many care one way or the other?

Boris Johnson = liar. Dominic Cummings = liar.

People knew what Boris Johnson and his cronies are but they still voted for him. The polls still show them leading.

The media (especially the BBC and Laura kuenssberg) knew but did they bother their arses exposing this on the news every night? (“Boris Johnson’s university friend gets ethics watchdog role,” reports the BBC website but how frequently will citizens be reminded of this?)


The only people who might take any notice is a growing number of people in Scotland and Wales appalled at the arrogant entitlement of the English Tories running things from Westminster.

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3. ex papal nuncio - July 23, 2021

Two thing it does expose is 1. that for the BBC and other media there is only one acceptable ideological position. Smears and outright lies are all part of the game to keep the masters in charge. 2. that political parties such as they are are closed shops removed from actually really existing people. Therefore parties are in a bind, the tories are a party made up of people Johnson was happy to see die, while labour thought a clearing out a popular leader would see them regain the confidence of those who supported that leader.

After reading Corey Robin’s book I have to conclude that I think he’s right, the establishment has run out of ideas, the 40 years of winning has made them flabby and slow, why else would Johnson, Cummings, Macron, Leo get feted? The only problem is that we’re in a not much better position ourselves due to 40 years of losses.

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benmadigan - July 23, 2021

Agree Ex PN –

For the past 40 years establishments, particularly in the UK, have fervently embraced neo-liberal precepts like “no such thing as society”, “shrink the state”, “austerity,” “privatise the public, particularly utilities and the NHS” “commodify everything that moves and anything that doesn’t” “trickle down wealth” “poverty is your own fault, scum” and so on.

In the UK, add in Brexit-related illusions of Empire 2 and Global Britain, courageously waiving the rules others have to abide by.

A few neo-libs may genuinely be appalled at their achievements; none of them knows which way to U turn to make anything better or remedy the ills they have caused

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