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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Without the Moon, Ann Margaret Hogan July 24, 2021

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Ann Margaret Hogan (aka Anni Hogan) is an interesting character, having started out as a dj and promoter in Leeds before moving into writing and making her own music and through that appearing live as part of Marc and the Mambas with Marc Almond and at the time Matt Johnson. As keyboardist and arranger she continue working with Almond and later with Barry Adamson. And she really has never looked back. The list of guest appearances and collaborations is extremely varied, from Zeke Maniyika, Yello, Regis and Wolfgang Flur. She released an album recently on the Downward label which is great and gives a sense of where she is now (see below the track Mesto taken from it).

But Without the Moon brings together work of hers that in effect spans three decades – Come Take My Hand with Barry Adamson, Delirious Eyes with Gini Ball, Burning Boats with JG Thirlwell and Marc Almond, Scattered Carelessly with Jarboe of Swans, Nick Cave on Vixo and Kid Congo Powers on Black Nocturne. That’s an incredibly impressive lineup but it is Hogan who pulls it all together into a cohesive whole mostly through her piano.

Great music. And a bonus in terms of her cover of Lou Reed’s Temporary Thing with Karl O’Connor (Regis).

Come Take My Hand · Ann Margaret Hogan & Barry Adamson

Ann Margaret Hogan ft Gini Ball – Delirious Eyes (Official video)

Ann Margaret Hogan ft Jarboe Scattered Carelessly

Ann Margaret Hogan ft Kid Congo Powers – Black Nocturne

Ann Margaret Hogan – Mesto

Temporary Thing


1. 6to5against - July 24, 2021

Never heard of here before, but this is great. Really enjoying it. Thanks wbs

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WorldbyStorm - July 24, 2021

Good isn’t it? Released this year on Regis’s label and pretty great.


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