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Some real space science July 25, 2021

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While some are going up in rockets, to no great effect, NASA’s Juno probe last month completed its 34th flyby of Jupiter. It’s quite a mission, there’s a fantastic animation drawn from images taken by Juno (in part) on this RTÉ report. And it has had an extended mission, having first arrived in orbit around Jupiter in 2016 (having been launched in 2011) and originally intended to deorbit after 7 years, but now still going and with a planned deorbit in 2025. The cost?

Juno was originally proposed at a cost of approximately US$700 million (fiscal year 2003) for a launch in June 2009 (equivalent to US$985 million in 2020). NASA budgetary restrictions resulted in postponement until August 2011, and a launch on board an Atlas V rocket in the 551 configuration. As of 2019 the mission was projected to cost US$1.46 billion for operations and data analysis through 2022.[62]

A bargain at that price. There’s also, as wiki notes in the linked to article above a plaque dedicated to Galileo with a text written by him in 1610 as he observed the moons of Jupiter as well as three small lego mini figures – representing Galileo, the god Jupiter and the goddess Juno. Nice touches. 


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