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The media firmament gains another star… July 25, 2021

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…Maybe. For news comes (thanks to JH) that:

Former First Minister of Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster says she’s joining GB News ‘to bring Northern Ireland very much into the mainstream of UK politics’

Hmmm… GB News, the ‘mainstream’… eh?

And how will she be involved?


Mrs Foster was unveiled as a contributor on the Political Correction show, presented by former Ukip leader Nigel Farage.


1. benmadigan - July 25, 2021

watched what I thought was AF being interviewed by Farage.
Didn’t realise she was a “contributor”.
My fault, no doubt!
She’ll need to dial down her boring factor if she wants to be successful on TV . . . Yes, even if she’s only on the Farage Show with its sky-high ennui-guaranteed content

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Wes Ferry - July 25, 2021

Foster hardly the most sparkling signing in a desperate bid to rescue the Gee Beebies plummeting viewing figures.

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Bagatelle's Ubuttoned Tenements - July 25, 2021

+1 & Thanks for the chuckles.

Does make one wonder what the Brexiteers, Tories and English Right are up to with the shenanigans on the NI Protocol.

Is it just retaining the EU as the bogeyman-source-of-all-UK-ills (not COVID or Brexit) or is there more to it like an attempt to use GATT rules to wreck havoc with the EU. The latter seems risible and doomed to failure.

Either way it looks like the aforementioned groups are willing to ratchet up tensions in NI and risk a return to violence in pursuit of whatever goal they have. Because no one in the UK or England could give a toss whether or not NI remains in the UK, certainly not Farage or any of his fellow tossers. So there’s some other motivation beyond their officially stated one.

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2. telescoper - July 25, 2021

Does this mean Arlene Foster is desperate or GB News is desperate, or both?

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3. banjoagbeanjoe - July 25, 2021

Did she leave the DUP in the end? She said she would after they shafted her. But then Sir Jeffrey took over. Anyone know did he try to persuade her to stay on as a member? And if he did, did he succeed?

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