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What you want to say – 28th July 2021 July 28, 2021

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.


1. Tomboktu - July 28, 2021

There is probably lots of devil in the details, and it’s decades late, but the news that individual executives in banks, insurance firms and nvestment firms will be held accountable on an individual basis.


2. Tomboktu - July 28, 2021

Stephen Donnelly doing a bad, bad, second rate imitation of Charlie Haughey on the Tour de France podium by answering the first question on a health issue by congratulation the Irish rowing 4 who won bronze in Japan on Morning Ireland.


Tomboktu - July 28, 2021

Haughey’s aggrandisement had an element class that deserved parody on Scrap Saturday. Donnelly is just bad and deserves to be laughed at without anybody wasting talent writing comedy scripts about him.


3. Alibaba - July 28, 2021

Taoiseach says Coveney’s appointment of Zappone was a mere ‘oversight’ and it’s ‘time to move on’.

Just like, I guess, the independent inquiry into Beacon Hospital CEO arranging for extra vaccines to go to his children’s teachers was done ‘in good faith’. Yeah, just like Varadkar’s passing on a confidential GP contract to a rival group headed by his mate was done in good faith. Just like a murder could be done ‘in good faith’. 

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4. Francis Donohoe - July 28, 2021

There was a puff piece interview with Zappone on RTE radio in recent weeks (the angle? it would seem to be a self published release of her late partner’s book), no doubt to soften us up to her getting another chance to grab state cash – to me, and I would imagine many listening she came across as self aggrandising and self centred – think her exposure to show us how great she is, as well as admitting she high tailed it out the country within months of losing her seat may have backfired, with her appointment to this ‘role’ not being met by the appreciation of the plebs as our betters demand.

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5. crocodileshoes - July 28, 2021

Who collects your bin? A firm called Beauparc Utilities, which owns Panda and Greenstar brands, is for sale. According to the Sunday Times business pages, potential buyers are worried that the firms are *too* profitable: they operate on a margin of 35% with domestic customers, a profit called “unique” by Standard and Poors. The thinking is that such a level of price gouging is bound to attract negative attention from regulators. If only anyone cared how much profit these firms make, so long as the state or public authorities don’t have to pay any binmen!

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6. yourcousin - July 29, 2021
WorldbyStorm - July 29, 2021

Been listening to Tres Hombres the last two months – just a fantastic album. Sorry to see that.


7. Paul Culloty - July 29, 2021

When Franco is quite good, actually:


8. NFB - July 29, 2021

Interesting comments from the President this evening, that will do little to allay the bile he has received from certain people recently.

The manner in which the President is hamstrung when it comes to signing legislation is fine with the eight men and women who have held the office, but is a political soap opera waiting to happen in this day and age. The wrong office-holder, like say, the runner-up in the last election, could really make a constitutional stir by refusing to sign something and calling on an impeachment.


9. Tomboktu - July 30, 2021

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banjoagbeanjoe - July 30, 2021

Feb 1st – Lá le Bríde. Already a holiday – the Biddy Boys – in parts of Kerry. Bring it on.


10. banjoagbeanjoe - July 30, 2021

The government may not yet have published its housing plan. But that hasn’t stopped Sen Mary Fitzpatrick have a glossy leaflet with all the headline details of the plan delivered around Dublin Central today. And photos of Mary and Darragh O’Brien on each page – looks like Mary is on team Darragh.
FF clearly putting all their eggs in the ‘housing plan’ basket. A sly FG foot trip will aim to upend the basket and leave FF with egg on its face. No honour among thieves.

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11. sonofstan - July 31, 2021

Coming through Dublin Airport this morning, approaching immigration, balancing passport and two phones – one with my NHS vax cert, one with passenger locator form receipt. Get to window, woman takes passport and asks me to remove mask – d’oh! – thanks, she says and waves me on. Do you want health stuff? sez I. ‘As long as you have it, you’re grand’ sez she…

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banjoagbeanjoe - August 1, 2021

You’re grand. That’s the Irish way. The Irish way also includes full detailed checks and more if you are black or of Asian origin.

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sonofstan - August 1, 2021

Yeah. People I’ve told it to have said, well, she could see you were of an age where you were likely to have been vaxed etc. And obviously I was happy just to keep going and get to a cup of coffee. But as you say, being ‘grand’ when you know the way others are treated doesn’t sit well.

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roddy - August 1, 2021

The old addage that you can choose your friends but not your family.Anti vaxxer Piers Corbyn has been caught out big time accepting 10K to tone things down!

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Tomboktu - August 1, 2021

Someone I knew years ago in a previous job is married to a Black Irish woman. They regularly travelled between Dublin and Belfast on the train, and when Gardaí would get on at Dundalk and ask her (and othet Black people) for ID documents, he would kick up a fuss and ask why he wasn’t being asked for his passport. According to him, this wasn’t a one-off incident.

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12. Tomboktu - July 31, 2021

My elderly aunt still lives in her own home, albeit with four visits a day from carers provided by social services. I help her with the finances and Mass. (Both involve technology these days, which is how they come to be paired.)

She received a ‘newsletter’ from the company that has the contract from social services. It has a number of announcements: client and carer facemasks, what to do if visits are missed or more than 20 minutes late. A switch to electronic care notes (which means there won’t be a book on top of the freezer for me to check once a week!). And then there is this:

Managing Your Money and Valuables

We would request that all clients do not have sums of money within their home.

This is to ensure that you and our staff are not in a situation where sums of money or expensive valuables are within your home environment and where they are working

I’d love to know what impact assessment was done before that was included in the newsletter.

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13. Des Derwin - August 2, 2021

I’m puzzled why the left, or parts of, opposes – militantly in some parts of the world – certain prohibitions on the unvaccinated. A prohibition on ‘dining [boozing] indoors’, access to certain work and services, in the context of having ‘indoor hospitality’, or hazardous workplaces, at all. Surely in that context the discrimination is a legitimate public health measure? The evidence appears to be that vaccination substantially reduces transmission.

The government may have handed the far right a demagogic gift in helping it to stir up and recruit the frustrated and the desperate, but that does not change the issue itself.

Rather than opposing this ‘discrimination’ should the left not oppose the reopening of indoor hospitality as too premature? Or if it is time to open – or even if the government has unwisely agreed to opening for business reasons – then wouldn’t a compromise precaution, advised by the public health experts, of excluding the unvaccinated, many of whom will have chosen to remain unvaccinated or oppose vaccination, be a good thing?

By opposing, and using the language of, ‘discrimination’ and ‘passports’ are the left, or parts of, not taking up and amplifying a far right (and indeed a business) talking point?

Similarly with the anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination rallies themselves, the language of democratic rights has been used on the left, or parts of. It is said that there is no problem with such demonstrations except that they are led by the far right and are being used by the far right to gather support.

Shouldn’t the left have a problem with anti-lockdown or anti-vaccination demonstrations in themselves, even if they were spontaneous and genuine? Or rather shouldn’t the left avoid implying that they might support or approve of left wing or politically neutral anti-lockdown demonstrations? In particular, anti-lockdown or anti-‘discrimination’ demonstrations that flagrantly breach social distancing and face-covering guidelines.

While sympathising with people’s frustrations and hardships in a pandemic situation the left has and should be in favour of restrictions and closures as appropriate. Moreover the left, or parts of, have not only previously resisted too early opening up, but have campaigned for a zero covid strategy.

While the government and the state have messed up or compromised for vested interests, they have also instituted and maintained necessary restrictions, many on foot of scientific advice. Transgressing public health or socially necessary regulations is not a civil or democratic right and protecting the great majority from infection is not apartheid or oppressive discrimination.

The left, in general, relies on the capitalist state, pending deep social change, to administer and enforce a range of social, women’s’ rights, labour and public health legislation, much of which the left and the various movements have sought over the years.

There is no need to offer concessions, talking points or encouragement to the far right, or to the mainstream ‘open up’ brigade, or to people honestly mistaken or misled in relation to biological and medical realities, concessions that will only add ‘reasonable’ arguments to the far right’s message of conspiracy, confusion, hatred and division.

And, yes, certainly the state can use new powers against the left and against necessary protest. The Harris administration seems to have a taste for moving against Debenhams workers and ignoring far right gatherings, for prosecuting anti-fascists for hate speech against fascists, for fining ROSA and ignoring uninterrupted public masses in Ennistymon [it will be interesting to watch the state’s response to some bishops’ open defiance of the gatherings guidelines]. We point out and oppose these hypocrisies and misuse of the useful. But while arguing that the government has played into the hands of the far right through the ‘vaccine passports’, are some on the left not doing just this, playing into the hands of the far right, and of reckless business interests, by makng a similar ‘to do’ about them, and about ‘democratic rights’ to protest against them?

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