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Partisans… July 30, 2021

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Here’s an interview with a Vice President and executive editor of a conservative publishing imprint of HarperCollins, Eric Nelson. on Slate.com He himself is a libertarian, which I supposed slightly side-steps the issue, and the interview is interesting, if one feels there’s a degree of slipping aside from answering some questions fully.

This answer is interesting:

I don’t find any arguments on the left or right morally distasteful if they are intelligent and well made. I have had people say, “But wouldn’t you find a pro-racist argument morally distasteful?” But the problem is that it’s impossible to construct a pro-racism argument that’s true and based on solid research.

But what about issues such as climate change, where there’s a genuine scientific consensus? How does that work? 

This question made me smile: “You work at Harper, which, because it’s owned by News Corp, is probably the major publisher where it’s easiest to edit the conservative imprint.” Well, News Corp is per definition conservative too. And it’s fascinating to see how the interviewer and indeed the interviewee sort of slide past that (point of fact, I once had a passing acquaintance with a subsidiary of News Corp many many years ago and the company culture was without question ‘conservative’ politically). 

Mind you I do agree with Nelson on one point he makes. He says:

Also, there are more truly awful people that have carved out a big audience for themselves than before. These people are famous enough now to have a platform, and so their books look worth doing, financially, but 10 years ago these people would have been taking out ads in the back of the Weekly World News to get people to order their pamphlets on various snake oils.

And asked for an answer he says:

I mean, somebody like Alex Berenson occurs to me. He’s developed a huge following for a very methodical kind of insanity.

Used to love Berenson’s thrillers, so a most unwelcome surprise it was to learn that… well… read on. 


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