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Nightclubbin… or not. August 1, 2021

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Anyone see the report here in the Guardian about how ‘nightlife’, namely clubs and so on, have been finding it heavy going this last week since the declaration of ‘Freedom Day’ by the UK government and the lifting of restrictions. Everyone involved seems baffled that:

[nightclubs] have seen low attendances and been forced to cancel events as the pandemic continues to disrupt the nightlife industry almost two weeks on from “freedom day”.

And there’s this gem:

Many operators blamed “low consumer confidence” in the face of confusing government messages about whether it was safe to attend.


“It has not been the freedom that we’ve been expecting,” said John Clark, owner of Faces nightclub in Gants Hill, east London. “We’re unlocked on paper but we’re just in this twilight zone where it’s not been as busy as we’ve anticipated.”

Get out of here! A viral pandemic, insufficient people fully vaccinated and most punters are voting with their feet and staying home. How bad has it been?

Lab 11 had also been plagued by low attendance. “It’s great to be back but we saw a pretty large amount of no-shows last weekend,” said Power.

The venue sold 1,400 tickets for its reopening event but only 450 attended. The second event didn’t fare much better, with 850 attendees against 1,500 tickets sold, and Lab 11 have had to refund as much as 40% of the tickets for some events.

But who could blame people not attending reading the report further and the apparent complete indifference of those involved in some of the nightclubs to the health and safety of their clientele. For example:

ff the back of a challenging first weekend for the industry, nightclub operators urged the government to rethink vaccine passports, which the government plans to make mandatory for entry into large-scale venues from the end of September.

Will Power, owner of Lab 11 in Digbeth, Birmingham, said it was “complete madness” to limit nightclub entry to only those who’ve been double jabbed. “If it gets passed, I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of challenges. It’s just nightclubs people are talking about now, but it sets a precedent that could run through a lot of other industries.

Like commercial places should have restrictions when a coronavirus is on the loose? Crazy stuff! 

BTW this is a recognised phenomenon – most people staying out of contexts which they perceive as being too risky. And some are saying it accounts for the plateauing of numbers of cases this last week in the UK. But again, who could blame people?





1. sonofstan - August 1, 2021

The nightclub industry has been in a tailspin anyway, long before Covid. Longer pub opening hours, more festivals, and a declining interest in drinking and drugging among the youth all contributing factors.

See this, from 3 years back:


Like the pubs here in Ireland, the industry are going to use the pandemic as leverage for government support.

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Bagatelle's Unchilled Telomeres - August 1, 2021


The price of entrance & drink has gone through the roof since I was a clubber. We kept up a weekly Thursday 80s night out at a local club until about 2009.

Even the price of concerts has gone insane. Granted I was ruined by the great, cheap venues of the 90s and will likely never recover, but the sticker shock at looking at the price of gigs recently (the pandemic has done my head in and I need to look forward to some large group activity) has left me feeling like my parents telling stories of date nights on half a crown “and still had enough left over for the bus fare home”.

Great point in the article about networking and looking for that perfect look.

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