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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements from this week… August 1, 2021

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Unfortunate timing for Stephen Collins given the week that is in it with regards to appointments…

One of the surprising features of the Government to date is that there has been far less tension between the three Coalition partners than many expected. All of the tension has been internal to each of them with at various times the leadership of Martin, Varadkar and Eamon Ryan being queried by some of their own followers.

Though elsewhere today someone had a very idiosyncratic definition of cronyism. 

If the appointment of Katherine Zappone as a “special envoy for freedom of opinion and expression” was cronyism, it was pretty lousy cronyism. Zappone has never been a member of Fine Gael, is retired from Irish politics and has left the country; although she served in government with Simon Coveney, Leo Varadkar and Paschal Donohoe, it is unclear what kind of leverage she might have over them to insist on a sinecure.

The appointment has antagonised Coveney’s actual cronies — Fine Gael. “Many Fine Gaelers feel one from their own ranks could have filled the job of special envoy,” reported Senan Molony.


Finn McRedmond argues the following in the IT about the interest in Dominic Cummings:

Maybe in time the quasi-celebrity advisers will eventually be consigned to a historical footnote. But for now the lure of petty political drama seems irresistible. Perhaps Dominic Cummings’s ongoing relevance tells us a lot more about ourselves than it does about him.

Or perhaps his frankness, however self-serving, provides a window into the thinking of the current British administration and those at its heart and to hear that now is of greater utility than waiting for the inevitable autobiography five or ten years down the line?

The IT radio reviewer gets it the wrong way around in this:

His contribution is brief and lively, and, as O’Connor has opened the show with an astute observation about our national focus on hospitality being a sort of bizarre displacement obsession, there’s reason to hope there will be no more talk about indoor dining, a phrase I’m not sure I ever heard before Covid and would quite like to never hear again. Because after a week when the airwaves are filled with little else – who knew as a nation we were such gourmands, more concerned with hospitality than hospital waiting lists? – surely a weekend magazine show, taking place during record-breaking sunshine and with the country in holiday mood, would leave Covid to the news bulletins.

It seems likely the nation isn’t more concerned about indoor dining than hospital waiting lists or this phase of the pandemic, but the lobbyists for the ‘hospitality’ industry certainly appear to be. 

All other contributions welcome.


1. benmadigan - August 1, 2021

” no more talk about indoor dining”,
“Dining out” in Ireland was practically always indoors because of the odd and uneven wind- and rain- free summer days and cold evenings.
It’s different in Mediterranean countries!
Since the overall Covid management strategy is EU-wide, the distinction between indoor and outdoor dining, which was needed for opening up the sunny med, was carried over into more northern climes, giving pubs and restaurants the chance at least to serve some customers!
More tables appeared outside together with industrial patio heaters and hey presto! Ireland had indoor and outdoor dining!
And it’s set to remain!

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2. EWI - August 1, 2021

although she served in government with Simon Coveney, Leo Varadkar and Paschal Donohoe, it is unclear what kind of leverage she might have over them to insist on a sinecure.

I saw a report somewhere that Zappone was heavily involved in supporting Coveney’s campaign for that UNSC seat.

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3. gypsybhoy69 - August 5, 2021

Wasn’t there talk at some stage a year or two ago (Phoenix IIRC) of her joining FG?


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