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Is that a note of caution this morning on Delta, nightclubbin’ (again) and other matters… August 3, 2021

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The news this morning in the IT is intriguing:

Ministers are due to meet virtually this week to discuss fresh concerns around the rising number of Covid-19 patients in hospital and intensive care.

The meeting will be held on Friday as the head of the HSE, Paul Reid, expressed concern about the “slowly, continuously rising numbers of hospitalised cases”. While Government sources believe the rise was largely expected and daily case numbers may be plateauing, Ministers will be looking for projections and modelling for the coming weeks.

Government sources – eh? ‘Largely expected’, ‘may be plateauing’. I don’t know. Reading that sort of stuff makes me wonder. 

Meanwhile mentioned over the weekend that nightclubs in the UK have not experienced a mass return by clubbers to them since ‘Freedom Day’ last month. And that is interesting because it suggests that perhaps people are a little more cautious than some expected (though as noted by SoS, clubs in the UK have already been facing reduced numbers of clubbers pre-pandemic). Which makes me wonder at the news yesterday that:

The Government will be in a position to give a clear signal on a reopening plan for the live entertainment industry by the end of August, Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media Catherine Martin has said.

Entertainers including musicians, DJs and other live performers and their support staff have been largely out of work since the first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020.

Now it has to be said, the situation here feels different to the UK. Or to put it another way, it feels as if government and health authorities have it more under control. So that’s a factor and may impact on attendance more positively. But, again, just as with ‘indoor’ dining and drinking my rough assessment (and the attitude exemplified by users on this site) was that people were holding fire for a while. The vaccination programme is proceeding very well. The uptake is heartening but many of us – vaccinated or not, aren’t necessarily keen to go indoors quite yet – and there is the issue of those who work in those contexts too. 

And of course there’s the issue of the virus itself. In the last week or so I have heard of multiple instances of people who were in the company of those who had it and had to get tested. In some cases those tests came back positive. And these would be fully vaccinated people. So it’s an odd moment where there’s a sense of matters improving but also a certain exposure too. 

One interesting point made in the RTÉ report:

Meanwhile, MCD Productions and Festival Republic have written to the Government to outline their proposals on how events, including Electric Picnic can go ahead later this year.

The promoters say they have staged ‘Living with Covid’ live events worldwide including Lollapalooza in the US and Latitude in the UK, and have gained first hand knowledge and experience in safely running large scale Covid pilot events and festivals.

Latitude is an interesting one. As it stands  already clusters of cases associated with the event have emerged (accounts like this are increasingly evident) .

This BBC report sums up the situation:

Up to 20 people in Suffolk have tested positive for Covid-19 after attending the Latitude Festival, the county’s director of public health said.

The four-day festival at Henham Park, near Southwold, was the first major event to be held following the lifting of most Covid restrictions in England.

It had a daily capacity of 40,000, made up of campers and day-ticket holders.

The government said it was too early to get a full picture of the impact the four-day event has had.

If that’s the government’s read – and that report is two days old, then one has to question how promoters could be certain about anything. 


1. pangurbán - August 3, 2021

today in Corks central district most of the restaurants were do8ng outdoor only

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2. Jim Monaghan - August 3, 2021

“The family of 59-year-old Belfast man Paul Linden, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, have now been given a third date next week for his cancer surgery after a public appeal.

Last weekend, life-saving kidney transplants could not go ahead because of a shortage of intensive care units to support surgeons. Dr Hagan said on Tuesday: “We don’t have a pool of intensive care nurses sitting at home waiting for us to increase our intensive care beds.”” https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/belfast-trust-chief-fed-up-with-false-covid-claims-as-staff-compared-to-nazis-and-fascists-40714300.html

The anti-vaxxers have cost lives and caused misery. This morning’s RTE news had mention of wasted kidneys meant for translpant.

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