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Never a dull moment with FFG September 14, 2021

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Got to say, having both our right of centre parties in government makes for no end of news. Much of it not good. But while Fianna Fáil continues to fascinate me, as I’ve outlined here across the last month or so – for probably similar reasons to the end of the Christian Democrats in Italy, seeing conservative or right of centre parties falter is just very interesting politically, let’s not ignore Fine Gael. I asked at the weekend how badly Simon Coveney had been damaged by the Zappone controversy. Arguably more so than Zappone herself, or indeed, Varadkar. And certainly more, if one is to believe the polls, than Fine Gael itself which remarkably appears little impacted by the controversy in the latest SBP poll. Down one percent? That they should live in such times as these!

But as the current issue of the Phoenix notes, and as always the Phoenix offers a view neatly adrift of the usual tropes of Irish political analysis and all the better for it, it’s not as if the Tánaiste has fully escaped the fallout. The magazine argues that “grip on power is loosening by the day under pressure of events, blunders and that classic Blueshirt characteristic: entitlement.”

That certainly seemed to be the order of the day with his appearance at a music event on the island to the east. But, it continues: “Vlad is keenly aware, however, that another, likely poor general election result will be curtains for his leadership and he has been busy caballing with ‘colleagues’ in the EU to create a sinecure in Euroland. The target is the presidency of the European Council…’

And if that is to take place – the date of the selection is late 2024, the Phoenix argues that suits Varadkar, because early 2025 sees the point at which the next Irish general election must be held. Varadkar will know by then how things are panning out in terms of his likelihood of returning to power, or not. Or indeed what his chances at becoming president of the EC are.

A lot of ground to cover between then and now. Not least FF’s own problems. Would they – given their dire straits, think it best to collapse the administration soon, with Martin in situ as Taoiseach or shortly after?

Then again with FG still riding high in the polls why would they bother if they were to wind up yet again either in coalition with FG or having to offer support from outside it? Or would they, could they, throw the cards in the air and go for coalition with SF?


1. benmadigan - September 14, 2021

Here we go!

Hardly surprising Dr Varadkar seeks to voter-proof his political career(EU or Dublin) considering his last showing at the ballot box. His medical career seems to have ended some time ago

FF may find its long lost republicanism but will not without major changes and even then . . .

An FG-SF/SF-FG coalition or supply and demand arrangement is most unlikely


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