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The tax cut song remains the same September 14, 2021

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Strange, it’s as if the last year and a half never happened. And yet, ICTU is absolutely correct this morning in its scathing critique of the Coalition government in the following:

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) has said the Government should abandon its plans for tax cuts in the upcoming Budget and instead prioritise increases in public expenditure on housing, healthcare and childcare.

In its pre-budget submission, ICTU says permanent tax cuts are unaffordable and unjustified.

And while the Government has said it will not pursue an ‘austerity strategy’, which ICTU welcomes, one has to wonder how robust that promise is, and whether it might pursue one by default – with insufficient funding increases for service provision that needs more in order to encompass expanded demand.

Difficult too to disagree with the following assessment:

ICTU says the pandemic has shown that basic services and the welfare state have shown themselves to be the indispensable bedrocks of people’s economic well-being. 

There’s a deeper point too in that this demonstrates a paucity in political thinking on the part of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil in particular, that this is, in some respects the go to element in their political armoury. But one would have thought they would have realised that the run-up and aftermath to the 2020 election would have demonstrated that service provision is as important – and in certain instances more important given deficits in that provision prior to now (one thinks of housing, childcare etc) than taxation. 

And for this to come on foot of the pandemic is near incredible.



1. irishelectionliterature - September 14, 2021

There was a brief hope that the pandemic may change the outlook of FF and FG… seems not.
I’d hazard too that many of those lucky enough to have been in employment over the pandemic made some savings as many opportunities for spending money were closed. The constant mantra of Tax Cuts , especially in a time where we saw the value of our public services, seems tone deaf to me.

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WorldbyStorm - September 14, 2021

Very very true. For some the last eighteen months have been an effective tax cut while for others it’s been almost exactly the opposite as they’ve struggled to make ends meet.


alanmyler - September 14, 2021

If the coffers can withstand tax cuts after the expense of the PUP then it would seem to be a simple ideological choice to subsidise the better off in society by bringing in the former at the same the same time the latter is being pared back and ended.

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