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They’re back… the Dáil September 15, 2021

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No end of fun today with the Dáil returning today after the Summer recess. There’s a no confidence motion in Simon Coveney (he’ll be fine), a meeting called by Marc MacSharry of the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party. He states:

He has asked that a meeting be convened before 4pm today. “As democrats I am certain we all agree that we take a collective position rather than one decided for us or dictated by the one or the few without proper consideration by all members,” he wrote, adding that remote attendance should be facilitated.

Commendable, commendable adherence to democratic processes to arrive at a position. Though, hold on surely that Marc MacSharry can’t be this Marc MacSharry who sent a ‘research paper’ of his own to the Taoiseach back in October in which:

[he was] calling for Level 2 restrictions on a day when the Department of Health announced more than 1,000 Covid-19 infections.

Marc MacSharry said in the report that the virus was not “indiscriminate”, and was mostly impacting older people and those with pre-existing conditions. He said this rendered “a forced closure for younger, otherwise healthy, individuals questionable”, and suggested there was little evidence to support the idea that restaurants and pubs were responsible for spread of the disease.


It was sent to Micheál Martin on October 14th, with a short note saying: “It sets out an evidence-based suggestion for return to Level 2. I am only circulating it to you and Stephen Donnelly.

Perhaps as well given part of his ‘report’ included:

Mr MacSharry also made a lengthy comparison with the experience in Sweden, which he said had relied on “personal responsibility”.

While accepting it had higher rates of death than neighbouring countries, there had been a “clear economic benefit” with the Swedish economy performing better than others in the EU.

He wrote: “In essence, the data from Sweden shows that it is personal responsibility which is the best preventative measure for Covid-19, not forced closures of businesses.”

Meanwhile, interesting this last from today’s IT report on the return of the Dáil:

Labour leader Alan Kelly said there were “bigger issues” facing the Dáil than a vote of confidence in Mr Coveney, and he did not believe it was a priority.


However, he confirmed his party would vote in favour of the Sinn Féin motion, citing a general lack of confidence in the Government.


1. Alibaba - September 15, 2021

Kelly is right to say the confidence vote is not a “priority” because it’s not uppermost in most people’s minds. However, the Zappone controversy won’t be forgotten and will feed into future electoral outcomes.

Meanwhile Kelly’s comment is a sideways swipe at Sinn Féin and one which shouldn’t have been made because it’s a distraction in the face of an opportunity to nail the government’s record through collective action.


2. sonofstan - September 15, 2021

Seems MacSharry has resigned from FF. According to his letter of resignation, he seems to have thought that he was a member of ‘a democratic socialist republican party’ all these years.

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jc - September 15, 2021

Is that what his father told him he was doing at the office?

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WorldbyStorm - September 15, 2021

WTF? (That’s in reference to the democratic socialist stuff…)

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WorldbyStorm - September 15, 2021

That’d make a cat laugh. So this is the guy front centring business at the height of the pandemic. Wonder is he trying to edge towards SF?


crocodileshoes - September 15, 2021

Michael McGrath interviewed on RTE radio at the weekend was asked what FF stood for and first line of his reply was ‘FF is a social democratic republican party’ : whatever about inching towards SF, they’re keen to convince us they’re left of FG.
As for McSharry, he’s what my senior infants teacher used to call a ‘notice box’.

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Fergal - September 15, 2021

I reckon Declan Bree should be asked to vouch for the young fella!

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