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Lower than vermin, a continuing series… September 16, 2021

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But hey, this is the party where Nadine Dorries was appointed Culture Secretary yesterday. Quite apart from a range of views on various issues that would reasonably be described as reactionary there’s all this:

In a 2017 tweet which was widely recirculated after her new job was announced, Dorries said: “Leftwing snowflakes are killing comedy, tearing down historic statues, removing books from universities, dumbing down panto, removing Christ from Christmas and suppressing free speech. Sadly, it must be true, history does repeat itself. It will be music next.”


Dorries’ role in overseeing the BBC will also come under scrutiny given her regular criticism of the corporation as institutionally skewed to the left. In 2018 she tweeted that the BBC was “a biased leftwing organisation which is seriously failing in its political representation, from the top down”. In 2014 she wrote a blogpost about the licence fee, saying “a tax on the ownership of a television is a completely outdated concept”.

Thanks JH for the Rees Mogg link.




1. sonofstan - September 16, 2021

John Whittingdale, the media minister, wants more distinctively ‘British’ content on TV. His example?

I’m talking about continuing to make the programmes that are ours, and only ours; that could only have been made in the United Kingdom.

Take Derry Girls. A show that addresses the Troubles; and the rise and fall of Take That with equal passion. It could only have been made here.

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WorldbyStorm - September 16, 2021

I hate stuff about colonial overlords, because it over simplifies the dynamics. But sometimes, just sometimes…


Wes Ferry - September 16, 2021

Does anyone else think ‘Derry Girls’ really ‘addresses the Troubles’?

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benmadigan - September 16, 2021

nobody tell the now sacked Minister Whittingdale that Derry Girls could have been made in Ireland?

PS the clue’s in the name! It’s not Londonderry Girls

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