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Meanwhile, back at the Capitol September 16, 2021

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There’s a protest meant to take place this Saturday in Washington DC (thanks to JH for the link). They’re:

Protesters demanding justice for the Jan. 6 defendants – who they dub “political prisoners” – are scheduled to gather at the U.S. Capitol this Saturday.

Talking Points Memo lists five interesting points about the protest. Firstly that those behind the protests are seeking the release of rioters:

“Our event is a Rally Against Political Persecution to bring awareness and attention to the unjust and unethical treatment of nonviolent January 6 political prisoners who are being denied their basic rights as afforded by the Constitution,” the event’s permit application read.

 “The event will include the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance, songs of patriotism, prayer, guest speakers, and the showing of a video. We will be using this time to make our voices heard in asking that all charges be dropped for nonviolent detainees and they be released from solitary confinement.”

The person behind all this, by the way is ‘Matt Braynard, the event’s organizer and the former director of data and strategy for the 2016 Trump campaign’.

Secondly the place will be blanketed with law enforcement, so the likelihood of a reprise of January 6th is minimal. Indeed as TPM notes, thirdly those intending to be there are already ‘obsessed by infiltration by undercover cops’. Well, that would be sensible of them. And consequently, and fourthly, attendance might be low. I always think with these sort of events the necessity is to keep expectations down. It will be an interesting aspect of this to see how many do turn up on the day. I’d say fewer rather than more. And there’s a broader issue too. The California recall election which went so badly for the Republican challenger – albeit in a heavily Democrat state, suggests that the plucky Trump political insurgency has its limits. Indeed one could argue the loss of the two Republican Senate seats late last year points to that too. The question is does this begin to filter through into the Republican Party as a whole? Seems unlikely at the moment given how in thrall they appear to be to all things Trump. But, these are straws in the wind. Ultimately if Trump and Trump adjacent carry on is seen to be a vote loser then that will be noted and acted upon.

Now this raises serious questions about the sheer cynicism of a political party that would act in this way, but the US is where the US is at this point. Speaking of which point 5 is particularly useful. Because it notes that:

Braynard hasn’t been shy about another motive for the event, and for the past several months of his activism: Rewriting the history of Jan. 6. 

“This is really about fighting the narrative about what actually happened on Jan. 6,” he told Steve Bannon in one recent interview, adding later: “This protest is not about elections, it’s not about who won, it’s not about voter fraud. It’s about the abuse of these political prisoners and the scapegoating of them for this grand insurrection narrative.” 


As Braynard explained to the conservative Catholic outlet Church Militantrecently, he’s pushing back against the narrative that Jan. 6 was a “white supremacist insurrection” — because, he said, that narrative is being used by the left as a “premise” to justify everything from critical race theory to restricting gun rights. The logic is tortured, but it’s also a well-worn strategy for the fringe right. 

Well the problem with that line is that it wasn’t Democrats or Democrat party supporters surging into the Capitol with the express aim of invalidating or over-turning a Presidential election. Nor was it them who were responsible for the deaths of Capitol police. So Braynard’s apologia simply doesn’t address the facts of what happened. 

The problem is that there’s far too many who will align with his interpretation either for cynical reasons, see above, or due to being misled or wilfully misunderstanding the reality. How a polity deals with this is difficult to tell. 


1. Krista Marson - September 17, 2021

I hope your predictions of low turnout, etc, prove correct!


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