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Too anti-Republican for the IT? Or not… September 17, 2021

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Thought this interesting in the current edition of the Phoenix where they point to a piece by Stephen Collins in the IT which was reference here on the Sunday Stupid statement post some weeks back…

INTERESTING TWEETS from Irish Times heavyweight politicos last week indicate that columnist and former political editor Stephen Collins is regarded as too heavy-handed in his repetitive denunciations of Sinn Féin. These followed Stevo’s weekly column headlined, “SF shows contempt for democratic institutions of state” (you can kinda see where he is going here).

It notes that:

…one stood out, coming as it did from IT political editor Pat Leahy: “Meanwhile, Stephen Collins continues to pander to his Sinn Féin fanbase”, tweeted the fun-loving political editor, in a remark that could be dismissed as harmless if it stood alone.

And then others from other IT journalists and commentators appeared approving the Leahy one. 

But does this indicate that they do think Collins is too heavy handed, or is it ironic and still affirmative of Collins? I can’t quite make up my mind. Certainly Collins piece was replete with many of his usual complaints – and dipped off into criticisms about commemorations of Sean Russell and others – which some would find a reasonable point, albeit somewhat more difficult to make in the context of supporting FG and that party’s history. 

But whether there’s really a rupture, I’m not so sure. 


1. EWI - September 17, 2021

The second, I think. There have been three guiding lights for the Irish Times throughout nearly all of its existence – pro-capital, anti-‘fenianism’ and anti-Catholicism.


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