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Beyond belief… September 21, 2021

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Consider that in this state the number of those over 16 who are fully vaccinated stands at 90%, while 93% of adults have received at least one dose. One might think that in that context those who hold anti-vaccination ‘beliefs’ might think of packing up their tent and moving on – the people have spoken and in droves. But apparently not. The reports that those anti-vaccination ‘activists’ have moved on from ‘protesting’ outside politicians houses and now plan to ‘focus on GPs’ next comes as little surprise despite this reality.

It reminds me of the genuinely bizarre stuff below the line on The Irish Times – something the paper saw no reason it appears to police, in terms of Covid-19 denial, anti-vaccination sentiment and so on, not least where there were over-heated comments about how NPHET and in particular the leading lights wanted to impose some sort of medico-authoritarian rule on the citizens of this state with lockdowns in perpetuity. The sheer illogicality of that was matched only by the excessive nature of the assertions being made, and the simple fact that those involved in NPHET had family, friends and colleagues who would be impacted by any such authoritarianism seemed to entirely escape those making those assertions. Indeed that those in NPHET would chafe themselves against restrictions, however necessary in the short to medium term seemed literally beyond the understanding of those arguing that line.

And so it comes to pass that we arrive in September 2021 and restriction after restriction has been lifted, on the recommendation of, that’s right, NPHET – where life, if not quite normal, and perhaps it never really was and never really will be ever again, is at least remarkably similar to where we left off in March 2020.

As noted yesterday, the pandemic is not over, but it has, at least here, subsided to a level that is acceptable – at least in the short to medium term, and long may that be the case. Yet as in the UK as lockdowns and restrictions were lifted those making the anti-lockdown case doubled down on the rhetoric transferring their attention to vaccines.

This whack-a-mole dynamic is telling, indicating that it has never been the individual issues but rather a broadly irrational attitude that has been on display. I was struck yet again watching the genuinely disturbing footage of one man being taken out of a hospital in the north-west in a physical condition that went far beyond anything one might describe as poorly, only to wind up back there because he was so physically ill with Covid, and the manner in which this was filmed by those taking him out, how egotistical all this is.

Everything is about being on camera, of being the protagonist, the ‘hero’, in a drama which is played out for views, and sharing and in some instances the grift and worse. And in that context the fact of a man whose own views it appears were deeply distorted who was wheeled out of a hospital was irrelevant (if tragic in its own way). The person supposedly at the heart of this provided a backdrop as it were, an animate backdrop, for the drama that was taking place. There’s something deeply solipsistic and repellent about all this. The concept of community, of solidarity, of concern for others is limited, starting and ending with the individuals who make themselves the focus of these activities, not a broader societal good, and in a way starting and ending with those who self-appoint as the interlocutors online, on YouTube, Twitter and so on. This ‘rescue’ was shown to be hollow (and bathetic) by the fact the patient was readmitted and in that sense inevitably it was no rescue at all.

Just as the ‘protests’ outside GPs will be no ‘protest’ at all.

They are there for those who make them, not really for any wider audience, because there is no real wider audience in a society where 90% of those over 16 have already been fully vaccinated. And an irony? That many of those who are the forefront in pushing this stuff will be the ones who will benefit from the vaccines and the immunity it confers, though as evidenced by some of those who have listened to these voices, some more of those following them may not be quite so fortunate.

No sympathy for those in the forefront of this, but for those following them, or those in part swayed by them, perhaps a little sympathy because as noted by various commentators, their disbelief at what is actually happening appears all too often to be a different aspect of fear, and that is understandable in a world which has been turned upside down in the short space of a year and a half.

Small wonder that even at this state, even at the point where life is moving closer to the status quo ante, that exhaling, unclenching, just recognising that if not over, matters have progressed, is too great a challenge for some on top of the anxieties and worse of the past year and a half. It must be difficult waking in a world where the overwhelming majority are happy, eager even to be vaccinated, and a world where despite the most absurd predictions of authoritarian rule (and no end of commentators in the ‘mainstream’ media by the by should hang their heads in shame for dipping their toes in those rhetorical waters) the reality is more mundane, more normal, more sane. No surprise at all then that the comforts of denial are easier to accept than owning up to the fact they were completely and utterly misguided.


1. crocodileshoes - September 21, 2021

When you see Tucker Carlson is taunting US servicemen, telling them that if they don’t resign rather than accept a vaccination mandate they’re deficient in testosterone, you laugh – until you remember he has an audience of three million and there are parts of rural America where less than 50% of the population ‘believes’ in vaccination…

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WorldbyStorm - September 21, 2021

And he’s a hypocrite too working for Fox who have a vaccine mandate (or if unvaccinated there are daily Covid-19 tests). These people are dismal. They riled up a base and now are terrified they’ll lose that base. The worst, just the worst.


WorldbyStorm - September 21, 2021


Look at these guys in this photo, checking out their mobiles on an anti-vax march in Melbourne. The counter revolution won’t be televised, it’ll be live streamed.

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Wes Ferry - September 21, 2021

They’ll fight to the death being controlled or tracked by Big Brother and the multinationals, er, on their mobile phones from Apple, Samsung . . .

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2. benmadigan - September 21, 2021

Since the dawn of time doctors in every culture have been recognized as people who do their best to cure the sick

why do Covid-19 conspiracists believe doctors world-wide have signed up to a vaccination programme that is designed to harm their patients?

Why do ordinary people believe the Covid-19 conspiracists?

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Wes Ferry - September 21, 2021

Bizarre when they have trusted the medical profession (and particularly the NHS if they’re in Britain or the Six Counties) all their lives.

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3. irishelectionliterature - September 21, 2021

Was doing a bit of research for a podcast episode on Youth Defence candidates in 1992 and who were the crowd picketing and protesting at TDs houses only Youth Defence. Indeed it was the same moral issues in the 80’s that had TDs houses targeted then too.
At the top end all most of these grifters are interested in is making money … although it’s also being used to recruit people to far right here too.
Would love for the Revenue to go after them, cos it seems the Gardai aren’t too willing.

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Wes Ferry - September 21, 2021

Would Garda chiefs have been so passive if it had been a crowd of Shinners or Paul Murphy TD screaming “paedophile” on the doorstep of the Tánaiste’s family home?

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WorldbyStorm - September 21, 2021

+1 to both your comments.

“At the top end all most of these grifters are interested in is making money … although it’s also being used to recruit people to far right here too.”

That’s so true.


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