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Issue 5 of Rupture, from RISE network in PBP September 22, 2021

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Issue 5 of Rupture is now available at rupture.ie

Rupture is an ecosocialist quarterly magazine, produced by members of RISE, a network within People Before Profit. This edition is entitled “House on Fire” and focuses on the climate and biodiversity crises. There are articles on the fate of the oceans, the rising prevalence of forest fires, environmental racism, the ‘capitalocene’, greenwashing, ecosocialist strategy and Andreas Malm’s ‘ecoleninism’.
Plus, the latest instalment of a continuing debate on the question of a border poll. Why factionalism is good, actually. Also drugs, the decline of minority languages and more. As always, we failed to fit it all into the magazine’s nominally 100 page length, so there’s 111 pages of full colour ecosocialist material.
As a foretaste, Paul Murphy’s article on environmental racism is available online: https://rupture.ie/articles/environmental-racism

And there’s a little video: https://youtu.be/AaQVEOUV1Gk

Below some pages from the current edition.


1. alanmyler - September 23, 2021

I’m curious to read the article “In Praise Of Factionalism”. If any of the RISE / Rupture people see this comment is there any chance we could get a preview of that piece please? I note that Issue #5 is sold out on the Rupture website. Already. How many print copies do they publish, and might it be in stock in any Dublin bookshops? Anyone know?

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pettyburgess - September 23, 2021

Hi Alan,

Issue 5 is definitely not sold out (it only came out on Monday). That was an error on the website which should now be fixed.

I’ll get back to you on your other questions later, I have to pick up a child from preschool now.

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pettyburgess - September 23, 2021

Ok, other questions:

We should have a list of shops where the magazine is on sale up soon. In Dublin that includes Connolly Books and Glic Cafe (in Ballyfermot) but they may not have issue 5 for a few days.

I don’t have the web schedule to hand, but how it works is that a free article goes up each week. As there are 13 weeks between issues this means that not every article goes up before we shift to a new issue. The whole issue goes on sale as a pdf when we start running low on print copies (usually after two months). The plan is to eventually post the leftover articles from back issues too, but it isn’t really a priority to get through them.

The factionalism article is I think scheduled to go up in a few weeks. We plan to publish a loose series of articles on the traditional “democratic centralist” party and its problems. Issue 1 had an article on the origins of the slate system which we must get around to putting on the website too.

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alanmyler - September 23, 2021

Thanks PB, that’s the cafe in the Pitch & Putt club on Sarsfield Rd isn’t it? If so I’ll pick one up there next time I’m passing. Which will be next week, so hopefully the copies will be in there by then.


pettyburgess - September 24, 2021

Yeah that’s the place. It’s run by Hazel De Nortuin, a PBP councillor.


2. yourcousin - September 23, 2021

Well, I just ordered my copy!

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Colm B - September 23, 2021

Just got mine in the post. Great stuff.

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pettyburgess - September 24, 2021

Hope you both enjoy it


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