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British ‘diplomacy’… redux September 23, 2021

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Speaking of which, what of this curious example?

Taoiseach Micheál Martin has said anyone who suggests that US president Joe Biden does not understand Northern Ireland is “wrong”.

Mr Biden has warned British prime minister Boris Johnson that that the Belfast Agreement must not be put at risk by the difficulties in reaching agreement on post-Brexit trade rules between the UK and EU.

This after the following where Johnson had to retreat from words a Minister of his offered on the topic:

One perceived obstacle to a formal trade deal is worries in the Biden White House and among some Congress members about the possible impact of Brexit on peace in Northern Ireland, including tensions about the implementation of border checks.

Johnson contradicted the official Downing Street account of his meeting with the US president, which said the PM had “updated President Biden on the developments with respect to the Northern Ireland protocol since they last met in June”.

Contradicted him, indeed.

Asked if he agreed with comments earlier on Wednesday by the environment secretary, George Eustice, that Biden did not fully understand the protocol, Johnson said: “No. The president, actually, in our meeting yesterday – I don’t think it came up at all.”

But the broader issue is – yet again – how chaotic British ‘diplomacy’ actually is. Made the point on here before now that compared to the Tories of the 1980s or even 1990s this crew are remarkably amateurish, to an extent that they appear to be self-defeating. 


1. EWI - September 23, 2021

The whole episode is revealing of British weakness. Johnson didn’t dare contradict Biden in their press conference, and has resorted to lying afterwards about the contents of their talks.

Whatever hand they had in undermining the Australian-French contract for (conventional) submarines has clearly gained them nothing in terms of influence with the US, beyond some belated exchange visits. Who also flatly rejected their pleading for an FTA (and rightly so; this will of course be used by the UK ‘buccaneers’ as a tool against the EU).


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