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Well fancy that… September 23, 2021

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.the headline in The Irish Times this morning:

Concerns rise in Government that pandemic rewards for public sector may wipe out budget resources

There is growing alarm within the Government that the cost of extra pay or leave for public sector workers as a reward for their service during the pandemic will run to several hundred million euro, wiping out much of the available resources in the forthcoming budget.

A Labour Court recommendation on Wednesday said the Health Service Executive had estimated that a claim for 10 days’ additional leave by unions for healthcare workers could cost at least €377 million.


1. NFB - September 23, 2021

“Front Line Heroes? No, that doesn’t sound right. Parasites, the lot of them.”

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WorldbyStorm - September 23, 2021

Brilliant – but sadly all too accurate as to how they’ll shift the narrative.


6to5against - September 23, 2021

‘We wanted to raise the pension, but sadly the nurses insisted we give all of that money to them…’


2. crocodileshoes - September 23, 2021

Pretty safe bet that private sector lobbies are shaking their heads and saying ‘supermarket workers and van drivers are going to want a bonus too’. Time for private sector unions to step up (don’t hold your breath).

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crocodileshoes - September 23, 2021

Vox pops on this issue:
Do nurses deserve a bonus for their frontline service during the pandemic? Definitely
Bus drivers? Well, I suppose they did their bit.
Teachers? Ah, here…mutter…holidays…pensions…etc.


3. Alibaba - September 23, 2021

One of the things I learned in my days as a trade union activist was this: Once an offer is put on the table, it cannot be taken back. They will try to say the “bonus” was never quantified and they will have zero chance of getting away with that.

Least of all with those health care workers who did double shifts while dealing with death traumas and who to this very day suffer the sweats in PPE busy environments.


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