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And what about the impact of Brexit? September 24, 2021

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This from last nights Guardian is very interesting:

Exports from Great Britain to Ireland fell by almost £2.5bn in the first seven months of the year with Brexit emerging as a major factor, according to official Irish government data.

The figures from Ireland’s Central Statistics Office (CSO) come just days after Marks & Spencer said it was scrapping 800 product lines from its stores in the republic of Ireland because of “excessive paperwork” and health controls on food.

And RTÉ’s Sean Whelan in London describes ‘mayhem’ in Britain’s food supply chain.

Not that all is restricted to Britain. Mentioned before shopping in Tesco how apparent it is that certain lines of products have vanished from the shelves. The oddity is what is on the shelves and what isn’t – though as one contributor in comments on this site noted there may be a rationalisation effect too in operation as supermarkets jettison non-performing or too wide ranges.


The asymmetrical trading relationship now appears to be translating into visible wins and losses. Sales rocketed for Irish traders by almost £500m year on year, up 60% (€567m) in July to €1.5bn, and up 26% in the first seven months of 2021.


The largest increases in sales to Great Britain were in the chemicals and related products sector, which is not yet subjected to the stringent regulatory controls on entering Great Britain.

And clearly those goods not being sourced from the UK are being sourced from elsewhere or on the island of Ireland. What a fascinating economic policy the UK appears to now have. 


1. Dr Nightdub - September 25, 2021

Saw a headline tonight that said some chain of petrol stations that has nearly 400 forecourts in the UK is now limiting customers to £30 max of fuel. So now they’re rationing petrol…

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