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Irish Left Archive: Ballymun Echo, February/March 2001 September 27, 2021

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

This is an unusual addition to the Archive consisting of a local community newspaper printed for the Ballymun area in Dublin. As the front page notes the publications was first published in July 1982 and also that it is ‘published by Ballymunner’s for Ballymunners’. There is also a note that states ‘The Echo is not connected with any political party’.

The contents across twenty four pages includes articles on local politics, taking a very critical line of the Labour Party in particular as with the front page article criticising their councillors for voting for rubbish collection charges, and advertising. There are pieces by familiar names such as Sean O’Cionnaith of the Workers’ Party as well as a brief interview with Tony Gregory. There’s also a piece by Residents Against Racism.

An intriguing mix and perhaps someone can supply more information on the publication?


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