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Manus O’Riordan September 27, 2021

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Sad news today that Manus O’Riordain has passed away. This from FIBI Ireland.


1. Jim Monaghan - September 27, 2021

Definitely a huge loss. Nice person and non sectarian. His articles were always worth a read.

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2. tomasoflatharta - September 27, 2021

Here is a preliminary tribute written by Des Derwin

Trade unionist, socialist, historian, researcher and singer Manus O’Riordan has died. A keeper of the memory of the Spanish Civil War, and of the music of the movements. https://tomasoflatharta.wordpress.com/2021/09/27/manus-oriordan-has-passed-away/

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EWI - September 27, 2021

I never met Manus but I knew of him well enough through social media and the rest of it. RIP.


3. Padraig Yeates - September 27, 2021

Sorry to hear that Manus has died. We often crossed swords, ideologically speaking but he is a great loss to the left, his old comrades – and to SIPTU. He was a far better economist and forecaster of trends than the academic experts wheeled out in the mainstream media.

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4. gwydionwilliams - September 27, 2021

I hadn’t met him recently, but I continued to read the excellent articles he wrote. And his Facebook postings.

A sad loss.

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5. Michael Carley - September 27, 2021

Saw him in person once at the rededication of Frank Ryan’s grave, and then bursting into song before introducing a talk on Bob Doyle.

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6. banjoagbeanjoe - September 27, 2021

Manus was a neighbour of mine. We’d meet regularly on the way to or back from the shops, him always with a newspaper under his arm. We’d exchange a few words in Irish. A couple of months back there was a tribute to his late father on the back page of the Irish Times, put there I think by his family, and I let Manus know that I had seen and read it.
I heard Manus sing a few times at the Góilín club too.
Last time I saw him on the street was just a few days ago.
It’s an awful shock that he is gone so suddenly.

I’m not sure but I don’t think Manus followed his dad Michael into the CPI. Manus was a BICO supporter, I think, at one stage anyway.

A friend told me that he remembers Manus distributing a leaflet at the GPO decades ago – the leaflet was I think in Yiddish or Hebrew, I presume about the Israel/Palestine conflict.
Manus wasn’t mainstream!

Leaba i measc a chomrádaithe agus a chairde go raibh aige.

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Tomboktu - September 27, 2021
banjoagbeanjoe - September 27, 2021

Go hálainn.

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sonofstan - September 27, 2021

“Manus was a BICO supporter, I think”

And his son, Luke, does press for SF… so swings and generational roundabouts.


gypsybhoy69 - September 30, 2021

Aye and the same son is PRO for The Bohs. Saw Manus last week in Dalymount and like banjo was shocked when I head this news. The messages from people moved by his death across all social platforms must be a source of some pride to his family.


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