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That ‘quite socialist’ Budget October 13, 2021

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Well this brought a sceptical smile to the face. From RTÉ’s Mícheál Lehane:

…sometimes a modest payment rise can be viewed as derisory.

Yet the feeling this morning in Government is that €5 increase in the State pension and most welfare payments will be sufficient to fend off public opprobrium…

An increase of €10 on the Back to School Allowance looks set to be announced and more lone parents will be able to receive the payment.

It all led some in Government to conclude last night that the Budget will be “quite socialist”.

One suspects Lehane might be correct in the following… “might an apathetic response from the public be the best that Government can hope for?”

But (and here’s the IT – showing with its headline that it knows its readership all too well – to remind us just what was in there) how ‘socialist’ did people here think this was? 


1. Noreen Byrne - October 13, 2021

The idea that budget 2022 is ‘quite socialist’ is so funny if it wasn’t disastrous for so many. No doubt the Christian Democrats in both FF & FG are feeling their halos are a bit tight today. ITS SO SICKENING.

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oliverbohs - October 13, 2021

It is a crumb of comfort, I suppose, that they can’t defecate on us from a height like they did a decade ago. To the profound disappointment of some of them, keeping the poor in line and yucking it up with the super rich is why they got into politics


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