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Diplomatic titles matter… October 18, 2021

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…as evidenced by this (thanks to JH for the lead) where:

A GROUP representing civic society in Ireland – and which has driven the debate around constitutional change on the island – has raised “serious concerns” about an event to be held in Boston College tomorrow (Tuesday), which will feature the British Government’s Special Envoy for Northern Ireland, Trevor Ringland.
Ireland’s Future – which was formed in 2017 to facilitate dialogue on the growing debate on a referendum for Irish unity – says invitations to the event at the McMullen Museum at Boston College are misleading as they refer to the “Special Envoy from Northern Ireland to the United States”. 

This might seem a bit abstract, but as Ireland’s Future notes:

“There is no such post as the Special Envoy from Northern Ireland to the United States,” the statement says. “Mr Ringland is the British Government’s Special Envoy. He is not invested with any authority from the devolved administration at Stormont and speaks for no-one other than the British Government and their selfish interests.
“The post was not publicly advertised and appears to have been established by the British Government outwith all local existing equality and related obligations.”

Indeed one would think that the British government would either work through the British Embassy in the US or alternatively would be clearer about the provenance of the Special Envoy and who he does and does not represent.


1. Damon Matthew Wise Âû - October 18, 2021

So ought be called.

The Special Envoy for the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on Northern Ireland

or such maybe?!?


Tomboktu - October 18, 2021

“The Special Envoy on Northern Ireland of the Government of the United Kingdom” has all the information and is a tad clearer.


2. banjoagbeanjoe - October 18, 2021

Those who live in glass houses and all that…
“A GROUP representing civic society in Ireland”
A self-appointed group who set themselves up as ‘representing civil society in Ireland’. They appointed themselves, didn’t go about any process of fair or open recruitment, decided that they represent civil society in Ireland ….


WorldbyStorm - October 18, 2021

Of course Ireland’s Future aren’t beyond criticism as you rightly point out, but isn’t there a distinction between state institutions and non-state voluntary groups? And isn’t the key thing the issue of nomenclature about someone purporting to represent something that they’re not at state level and arguably worse between states? I mean in the balance of things who has greater power and influence, IF or the UK government?


Wes Ferry - October 18, 2021

I think that’s the news report’s description of Ireland’s Future. I can’t see that claim by IF on their web page or their Twitter bio though I’m open to correction.

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EWI - October 18, 2021

Whizzing by the point, Joe? As others have pointed out, this is the newspaper’s description, not theirs. The only charlatans here are Ringland and the UK govt.


benmadigan - October 19, 2021

AFAIK anyone can join Ireland’s Future so I don’t think there is any question of “fair or open recruitment”.
Among members I don’t know how their officers are appointed or events decided.

“They appointed themselves” – any group can appoint themselves anything when they set themselves up e.g. a group of people who were interested in civil rights in NI appointed themselves NICRA back in the day.

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3. benmadigan - October 19, 2021

Anyone in the Galway area who is interested in the pro-Irish unity civic group,Ireland’s Future, might like to attend their upcoming “panel discussion meeting in the Galmont Hotel, Galway, on Thursday 28th October at 7pm, to discuss constitutional change and the ever-increasing likelihood of a border poll and Irish unity”.

This second meeting in an all island series follows the well-attended meeting the group organised in Cork last month.

The Galway meeting will be chaired by RTE broadcaster Máirín Ní Ghadra and panelists taking part are writer Cauvery Madhavan, Fianna Fáil TD Éamon Ó Ćuív, Sinn Féin TD Mairéad Farrell, writer and commentator from the Irish Traveller community Martin Beanz Warde and Deputy President of NUI Galway Professor Pól Ó Dochartaigh”


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