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Consumer policing of pandemic restrictions? How can that go wrong? October 22, 2021

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Isn’t this a strange thing to hear someone with a significant measure of state power suggest?

[An Taoiseach] Mr Martin said he had serious concerns about the prevalence of Covid in the community, as Ireland now records over 2,000 cases a day.

He called on the public to insist the indoor hospitality sector check Covid certs.

“The bottom line is this. To avoid any new restrictions coming in, to avoid going back will demand vigilance of all of us. Therefore when we go to establishments, we should at least, as a minimum, insist that the basic standards have been applied. Consumer power can be very strong in that regard,” Mr Martin added.

“My fundamental concern is lives, protecting life, protecting health. We’re in a much better position this autumn heading into winter than we were last year in respect to the virus. I think the booster campaign is very important in that respect, to give that extra protection to individuals, particularly older age cohorts, plus the immunosuppressed.

“So we all have to really commit to collectively behave because if the virus goes unchecked, it does impede our capacity to what we can do.”

Or how about gifting power to some sort of… what’s the word I’m searching for… ‘inspectors’… who would be authorised to make spot checks on the enforcement of restrictions at ‘establishments’ and be in a position to deal with those who do not do so as and when appropriate? Because the alternative is leaving it up to individuals who may themselves be willing to step away but where we all know there will be a cohort who will be absolutely delighted at the chance to go in.


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