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“Harsh truths of partition can’t be avoided” October 22, 2021

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Jim Monaghan linked to this in comments, a piece by Brian Hanley from yesterday’s Guardian on the Armagh church service. One key point in that is worth reiterating again is the following:

…members of the DUP, and former taoiseach John Bruton, were quick to criticise Higgins’ decision, but it was an entirely logical move. Partition was imposed on Ireland a century ago, against the wishes of the majority of its people. The border was opposed not only by republicans, but also by the so-called “constitutional” nationalists of the Home Rule party, the labour movement and indeed many southern unionists. The birth of the border came as part of a violent process with what was to become the minority community in the new Northern Ireland effectively battered into submission.


To imagine that this could be an occasion of value-free reflection on history, as church organisers claimed it to be, was entirely ill-conceived. Just as leaders of the Democratic Unionist party refused (entirely logically) to attend events commemorating the Easter Rising in 2016, it was correct for Higgins to stay away from this event. He has attended numerous events north of the border but in this case has argued that the ceremony is not “neutral politically”.


The ahistoricity of some of the framing of partition – the example of Bruton and others championing of ‘constitutional’ nationalism but a supposed constitutional nationalism that is very much of the late 20th century rather than the actuality of early 20th century version which they make so much of their attachment to is particularly striking.

And mentioned before, there’s something unseemly about the level of compunction demanded by some in respect of participation. I would think it anathema to demand now or in a United Ireland that those who were unionists would have to participate in commemorations that would cause them great difficulty.

Anyhow, a very useful piece that provides a necessary response to much of the commentary around the issue.


1. Wes Ferry - October 22, 2021

Fianna Fáil in contortions now Jack Chambers has returned from the celebration of partition.

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WorldbyStorm - October 22, 2021



benmadigan - October 23, 2021

Bolting the stable door after it was unlocked and the Whip bolted to appease Unionists, not rock the Partition boat and never mention Re-unification, by the “republican party” that was


EWI - October 23, 2021

That would be ‘Union Jack Chambers’, of course.


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