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Councillor resignations from BLP November 23, 2021

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From today’s Guardian, interesting to see the following:

Liverpool councillor Anna Rothery, who was dropped from Labour’s all-female mayoral shortlist earlier this year, has resigned from the Labour party with a stinging attack on Keir Starmer’s leadership.

In a letter sent to the party’s general secretary, David Evans, this morning, Rothery writes that, “as a socialist” who joined the party as a teenager, the Labour party “no longer represents my values” and its leadership is “failing in its duty to effectively oppose the government’s attacks on our people”. She goes on:

The leadership is more interested [in] carrying out internal party vendettas than standing up for our people, our black community and our LGBTQIA community.


As reported in the Liverpool Echo, Rothery is the second Labour councillor to resign this week. Rothery and Sarah Morton will sit as independents, leaving 68 out of 90 seats on Liverpool city council held by Labour under mayor Joanne Anderson.

Another point of contention was Starmer’s ill-judged opinion piece in the Sun which is, of course, still boycotted by many in Liverpool.



1. Wes Ferry - November 23, 2021


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