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Podcast- The Planning Reform Party November 24, 2021

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The Greater Dublin Constitutional Group "The Others" The Alan Kinsella Podcast

Founded for the 1930 Municipal Elections in Dublin, The Greater Dublin Constitutional Group were a Cumann na nGaedheal aligned group that were the biggest Party on Dublin Corporation between 1930 and 1933.
  1. The Greater Dublin Constitutional Group
  2. The Voice of Wicklow
  3. The Motor Insurance Justice Action Group
  4. National Democratic Party
  5. The Socialist Environmental Alliance

Founded by Noel O’Gara, The Planning Reform Party stood in 4 constituencies in the 2007 General Election and also in the 2009 Dublin South By-Election. The Party objected to the planning system.


1. WorldbyStorm - November 24, 2021

Brilliant episode. I’d completely forgotten about this. I love that McDowell etc rocked up – infringing on an honest businessman’s efforts to develop land. Outrageous!

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2. NFB - November 24, 2021

Loved this one. Should be a movie! This guy’s rant about “communism” being a threat to the state was the amazing cherry on top.

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NFB - November 24, 2021

Just one of those manifestos where the guy was overtaken by his own genius.

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EWI - November 24, 2021

Idiocy should never be underestimated.

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irishelectionliterature - November 24, 2021

Loved the idea of Developers knowing best and no need for planning permissions.

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WorldbyStorm - November 24, 2021

It’s a classic IEL. Got to say these are very enjoyable and informative to listen to. Building into a great party history.

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NFB - November 24, 2021

An amazing vision of a libertarian utopia through free wheeling construction wherever you please.

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