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All apologies… redux November 25, 2021

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Useful to see the limits on where and how far some will go in saying what they want to as exemplified by the TUV’s Jim Allister’s climbdown after comments he made this week. What’s particularly noticeable – and the reality of David Tweed’s history of sexual and physical abuse of children is unbelievably grim – is the manner in which Allister sought to double down on the initial comments in a BBC interview.

But in a way isn’t this indicative of the time we are in, where for all the talk of cancel culture and so on there’s remarkably little hesitation on the part of some to stop and think whether what they say might be offensive. It may sound insipid but before saying anything it’s no harm to consider basic courtesy and thoughtfulness. No-one is immune from failing in respect of that from time to time but for public figures it is near inexplicable that they would not recognise this.

Interesting too that DUP figures also made inappropriate comments, before retracting them. The individual at the centre of this was, of course, formerly in the DUP and TUV. That former membership is not the fault of either of those parties, but given that particular sensitivity it is difficult to understand why those figures and Allister woudn’t have thought all this through long before comments were made.


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